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Other Worlds

~RJ Blain~
Arguably the net's busiest author, RJ Blain writes urban fantasy of all stripes and some epic fantasy. The Magical Comedies are her most popular series.
She loves cats, has a spouse, a glitter obsession and need for little else in life.
Read her blog here and get her books here.

~James Neal~
Father of three, master of none. A gamer since the original NES, now on the X-Box One. He loves to laugh, but does his best work in the dark fantasy genre.
He can usually be caught arguing with either his kids or his cat, but can never tell which one.
Read his stories here.

~Felix Alexander~
Mexican-Born, American-Raised novelist and poet. Acclaimed by readers for his poetis prose, Felix is third-generation military who served with honor in the US Army. After leaving the army he began the long and arduous journey of becoming a writer. When not chilling with his kids, he spends his time unraveling the mysteries of love.
Find his extensive selection of work here.

~Reynard City Chronicles~
A Saturday morning cartoon in webcomic form, the Reynard City Chronicles follows the adventures of AK Girl, Wonder Vixen and others as they battle the nefariousness of body dismorphia and inflation-inducing caramel. An action-oriented comedy with striking artwork and a lighthearted (at most times) story.
Follow the adventures here.

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