Monday, July 10, 2017

Avery K Tingle

What's A Creative's Most Important Lesson?

I've been blessed to know a lot of prolific, successful authors and more than one bestseller. I guarantee you know of at least one.

Here's something you may not know.

Virtually every single one of them either has or needs a day job. Another is on public assistance.

Another recently announced that they were stepping away from the industry because the financial strain was just too great.

To learn that one of your mentors stepping away from the business because their expenses outpace their income is crushing

If they can't make it, what chance do I have?

Let's be clear on something. If you've made a dollar on your creative endeavors, congratulations, you've already succeeded. Financial stability through creativity is a miracle and financial freedom is a strike of azure lightning.

I've been walking around with lightning rods for ten years now. Every so often the lightning has struck.

I was never able to maintain it because I did not plan ahead.

Any writer will tell you to write often, research your field, network with other authors and produce good content on a regular basis to succeed.

But to really succeed? Here's what you truly need.


If I'd heeded this advice a decade ago, I'd be in a very different place. Treat your money like it's your most valuable resource because it is. Get ruthless with your expenses. Do you really need that or can it wait? How much can you put away right now? 

Unless the lightning finds you, you will not find financial freedom on your first, second, or even third book. That will gain you a backlist and if you're smart, a financial foundation to go forward from. 

As soon as you finish reading this, sit down and take a hard look at your finances. It is completely possible to gain financial freedom through creativity but it doesn't happen through luck. Be smart with your money and enjoy a prosperous future. 

I recommend Banner Bank if you have one in your area for basic checking and savings. I rely on Simple for bills and spending, and I'm getting ready to open an account with Aspiration as a dedicated savings account.

Warren Buffet just released six tips for life and finance that everyone should read. Check this out too.

If you have any positive experiences with any financial institutions, please let me know in the comments? I'm always looking to level up my financial game.

Thanks for reading.

Avery K Tingle

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