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LG V20 Reviewed

I don't need a phone to do much; it just needs to do everything.

It needs to be a writing tool.
It needs to run my Playstation emulator. 
It needs to play music like I'm in a concert hall.
Oh, and the battery needs to last a ridiculously long time.

So when it came time to upgrade my phone, I nearly returned to Samsung despite the recent, explosive debacle. I still have the first Galaxy they ever released, so the loyalty runs deep. But the S7 was too small for my hands, and the LG V10 had been good to me, so I went for the upgrade. 

The LG V20
The first thing you notice is how smoothly this phone operates, right out of the box. LG smartly moved the volume to the side of the phone. The uncomfortable layout of the LG V10 is a thing of the past, and that's the first of many improvements. 

Once I loaded up my apps, games, and music, I put the phone through the gauntlet.
As a writing tool, the phone is excellent, though the smooth finish tends to cause the phone to slip in your hands. Typing is like playing a game boy, and while I prefer Swiftkey, there are no issues with the default keyboard. Switching between apps, going between OneNote to Jotterpad, is quick and easy. I hammered out about five hundred words in notes without struggling. It doesn't make me forget the Galaxy lines, but for writing, the phone works.

I couldn't believe how long the phone lasted once I loaded my emulator onto it. I keep a lot of Playstation games on hand because you never know when one's gonna need to get their old school Star Ocean or Final Fantasy on. I played FF7 for a good three hours, with no apps running in the background, and from a full charge,  the battery fell to eighty-two percent.

That's unheard of. 

I've had the phone a little under a week, and the average full charge lasts about a ten hours. I'm up at six, down at eleven, and maybe I'm down to fifteen percent. As with any emulator, the phone gets a little warm during long play sessions, but as of yet, I haven't seen my battery suffer for it. 

The Playstation collection. Part of it, anyway.

LG touted the sound capabilities of its flagship phone from the moment they announced it, so I was looking for a reason to make them eat their words. 
I was wrong. 
In fact, the sound quality on the LG V20 was so good that I'm rethinking Bluetooth headphones. There is a noticeable drop in quality when you're not hardwired. But when you are hardwired, no phone produces better sound, period. 

Which takes me to the final, wonderful surprise;

Wenatchee, Washington. Ain't it a sight?

Ye gods, this camera!
The LGV20 sports dual, 16-megapixel cameras which, as it turns out, makes all the difference in the world when taking photos. This is the clearest picture of a winter sun I've ever taken and I can't wait to try the night sky. 

I'm not ready to hail this as the best phone I've ever used, but I have yet to find any glaring flaws. If I want to take down a quick note before I hit the sack or listen to music at dangerously high levels, the phone delivers. I'm curious to see how it'll hold up when the Samsung Galaxy-E series comes out.

Thanks for reading.

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