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Avery K Tingle

The Gamer Author

About eight years back, I was sitting in the Missouri River Regional Library in Jefferson City, Missouri. I was at the beginning of my career, at a monthly writers group, populated by some of the most creative people I'd ever met.

And man, did I feel stupid.

They were tossing around classic works of literature, written by names I'd never heard of.


No, wait! 

I'd heard of him. Yes. Now I don't feel so stupid anymore.

Soon the group was asking me; if I haven't read all of these classics, or heard of these authors, then where was I getting my inspirations? One must read in order to write, right?


And while I did delve into the classics, my inspirations for storytelling came from a most unusual source.

I grew up at the birth of gaming and the multimedia that followed. I didn't just play Yars Revenge on the Atari 2600,my parents bought me the accompanying LP. Destroying the Quotile wasn't about running up the score; it was about settling the score, ensuring this monster would never wipe out another world.

Capcom's Final Fight was family time, my sister and I tearing through the Mad Gear gang to get Jessica back. Kidnapping her was wrong. We had to set it right. As a kid, I used to fashion all kinds of stories for the games I played. If it didn't have a story (Space Invaders) I'd make one up. Simply doing it wasn't enough. There had to be a reason for what was going on, and I wanted to be involved in that reason.

Street Fighter II changed everything. This game, this larger than life display of lights and sound and overcomplicated controls was made maddening by a simple phrase;

"You Must Defeat Sheng Long To Stand A Chance."

"Who The Hell Is Sheng Long?!"

I didn't know who he was or what he was about or anything. I always thought my defeated opponent was saying that to me. So I figured that I was playing this game, hoping to meet the elusive, enigmatic Sheng Long and at last, get the ending to this game.

Yeah, that didn't happen.

I was enraged. How could this epic title have absolutely no story to speak of? I give a damn about beating M. Bison. BRING ME SHENG LONG!

My mind refused to accept this, and I wrote story after story of utter crap (Street Fighter III: The Arts Master will never see the light of day) as I tried to somehow reconcile all of these wonderful characters into a world that made sense.

But it threw a chink into my writing. Who could I relate too? Who would read the work written by a guy who's favorite reads were basically marketing schemes for old NES games?

My First Foray into Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Universe. Good Read!

What's a writer who doesn't read?

CLICK TO TWEET: What's A Writer Who Doesn't Read?

Years passed, and a lot of time would be wasted before I got the message.

I stopped waiting for permission and began writing.

I wrote a bevy of free shorts, some of which led to my first real novel. My second short story reached the top of one of Amazon's charts and hung there for a little while.

It turns out I'm extremely particular about the fiction I read (I'm partial to Brad Meltzer) and I read a ton of how-to books. I also support indies, not because I know them but because they write captivating stuff.

CLICK TO TWEET: It doesn't matter what inspires you. Act on it.

It doesn't matter what inspires you. What matters is that you act on it.

So my name is Avery K Tingle, and I am the Gamer Author. And I'm okay with this.

Thanks for reading.

Still have no idea who Faulkner is.

I’m an author living out of place wherever I am, and right now that’s Eastern Washington. I’m an avid gamer, storyteller, and dedicated troublemaker. Want notifications and discounts? Sign up here.

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Tammey S.
March 15, 2016 at 10:33 PM delete

Oh, I so remember when you was in Jefferson City, MO and going to the River Regional Library. You would come to work and talk about your writing group. We would talk about the classics either it be authors or video games. Granted you had me on the video games hands down. :) I always enjoyed bouncing ideas off you or you off me. Your writing has come a long ways. I predict it will be going a long ways yet to come. Thanks for the memories, as well as the great reads over the years.