Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Avery K Tingle

May You Fail Spectacularly.

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I mean that.

Not only do I hope you fail, but I hope you fail in such an an amazing manner that you have to step back, look at the endeavor and kind of shake your head. I hope it elicits a wry little chuckle that makes you say, "Wow."

I hope you go through a brief period of humility, where you wonder why how something you devoted so much time and effort to, could end with such disaster.

Then, this is critical.

I hope you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and, after a moment, take a second look at that project.

I hope you pick up the pieces and take a hard look at what happened.

I hope you realize that it didn't go as badly as you thought.

I hope you forage the good ideas that came from it. I hope you analyze your missteps, and return to the project with renewed vigor, because chances are your second attempt will be far superior to the first.

This is the very reason for a first draft, be it an article, book, code, or almost any endeavor. You are human and as such, you're flawed. Unless you're some sort of prodigy, you're not going to get it right on your first try. Your first try is to figure yourself and the project out.

So allow yourself to fail. I look at it as an opportunity to learn and improve. The trick is to not let yourself become mired in failure. Instead, look at it as a chance to rise and become stronger.

So may you fail spectacularly.

And may you rise stronger than ever.

Thanks for reading.

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A mistakes worth making if I learn something. :-)

Anna from elements of emaginette

Avery Tingle
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I figure that's the only reason why they exist. :-)