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Avery K Tingle

Indie Authors: Tools of the Trade For Android Users

From left to right along the dock; Evernote, Jotterpad, Monospace, OfficePro 8, Kindle, Wikipedia, and....just what the hell IS that at the end?!
It's hard out here for a writer if you're on Android, isn't it?

While it's true that Apple dominates the creative scene, the prices of its hardware and apps can be cost prohibitive (Looking at you, Storyist).

I prefer the extensive customization options users get right out of the box with Android, and I've been partial to Samsung for almost a decade. I work from a Note 5, which is the best phone I've ever used, and the Tab 4 to get things done. Thanks to a plethora of writing apps and the ability to sync to my desktop, I do roughly forty percent of my writing on the go. Here's a brief list of the apps I use. Best part is that these are free; paying for some of these opens up more options, and I'll get into that in a moment.

1). Dropbox
I've been using Dropbox for a several years now, and I've turned several friends onto it, so I've accrued more space than I know what to do with. I confess I'm still struggling when it comes to figuring out how to have multiple people work on the same document at separate times, I've found no better cloud storage/sync for my writing. Thee apps I'm about to recommend can be set up to work with Dropbox, so your documents can be waiting for you on your desktop when you're ready for them. My favorite feature allows any photo you take to be automatically uploaded, since I use a lot of images. I use Google Drive as a backup. It's competent, but Dropbox is as simple and easy to use as it gets.

Automatic photo syncing. In case I really need to see  a picture of the Bat-Mug.

Get Dropbox for Android Here.

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2). Jotterpad

This has long been my favorite writing app for Android because of its rich array of features. Jotterpad is a distraction-free, fully-functional editor that will track your word count (it's always cool to know you've done a thousand words with your thumbs) and allow you to save your document in multiple formats (in case .txt doesn't cut it for you). It also features a night mode if you have a slumbering partner and a beautiful interface.

At the time of this writing, Jotterpad may have introduced a keystroke limit on the free version. I wound up paying the $4.99 for the full version, which included a dictionary feature, and I do not regret the purchase.

Get Jotterpad for Android Here.

3). Monospace

Monospace for Android. And a friend I really need to get back too.

A new, free app I just became acquainted with, it offers many of the same features that Jotterpad offers. Plus, it hasn't asked me for money yet. This is the app I turn to when I need to buckle down and get stuff done. You don't have to sort through anything upon startup; you just open the app and get to work. I also like this app's night mode better than Jotterpad's.

Get Monospace for Android Here.

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Other honorable mentions;

Evernote allows me to categorize all of my writing into various notebooks, and is where my ideas go when they're in infancy. As soon as I can afford the premium option, I'm going to renew it. The app is available across all devices, and every so often, I get a headache with its inconsistent syncing issues.

Pro Office Suite 8 is my go-to when I need to get my MS Office on, though I don't use Document to write very often; there is a frustrating lag between keystrokes and the words appearing on screen. But if I ever need to read .doc file or some such for editing, this is what I do it in. Plus, the full version will allow you to edit PDF files right on your phone.

The app usually retails for $14.99, but if you keep your eye on Amazon Underground, you can get the full version for free. The link is to the Amazon app store.

So that's my list. If you have a favorite app for Android, or something I missed, please let me know! I'm always on the lookout for new stuff.

Thanks for reading.

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