Sunday, August 9, 2015

Toning Things Down A Bit This Week...

Hey, Everyone! :-)

So Era of the Scourge: Reclamation completely and totally got away from me. The good news is, this will be my first, full-fledged novel. The other good news is that you will still get it for free. Um, the last good news is that I'm pretty sure I know when it's going to come out.

I took a new day job that has turned out to be a dream come true. So, while I'm certainly not stopping my writing, I do have to dial things back a bit so I can take in the duties of this new gig.

But, I will till post a blog this week, I will continue the Indie Author series next week with a post on promoting our work, and I will announce the release date for Era of the Scourge: Reclamation next week.

So I may not be on social media much this week, and I wanted to let you all know first.

Thanks for reading.