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Avery K Tingle

Passion, Work, and The Millennial Attitude

I happened across this article on today and it got me thinking. I believe I was a millennial before the times. I have to be honest; I find a lot of the millennial attitude refreshing. It's good to see a generation stand up and say We will not stand for this. A lot of things that're complained about now were complaints in my generation. Maybe the employer/employee relationship will be this generation's great change.

While I empathize with a lot of the millenial attitude, I think a few really rotten examples may have soured a lot of us older people to them. But I couldn't help but draw some comparisons between the millenial attitude and those of us who not only relentlessly chase our passions, but look at the world and see something very wrong. So I compiled this small list, advice to the young guns from someone who's still fighting the battle.

1). Find Your Passion.

Figure out what that one thing that drives you. Life's a game, not a party; eventually you either win or lose. I'm not talking about the stupid stuff that gets you YouTube famous. I'm talking about that one thing that people will pay you to do if you're willing to work hard enough. The one thing you would spend your life doing if you could. It will require you to look within yourself and do a little work, but it's worth it.

2). Shape Your Life Around Your Passion.

Unless you already know who you are and what you want from life, chances are slim you're going to find a job that can satisfy your passions. That's life, we all go through it, and I'll address that in my next point. What you can do is take a job that allows you to pursue your passion. I tend to work low-impact jobs that don't take a whole lot of energy. This way, I can pay my bills and have room leftover to chase my dreams. Plus, this is an excellent way to expand your skill set. My career has made me an expert in sales, public and private security, and customer service. My work history has allowed me to pick jobs I actually want to work, rather than have to just to cover bills. I resigned from my last job on good terms and took another that more aligns with what I want from life. Mission accomplished.


This is where the perception of millenials gets skewed, and with good reason.
You may have to take a job doing something you abhor, working with someone who will drain every ounce of life from you, for very little money. Guess what? We all go through it. You're not special. Suck it up like the rest of us. Tell yourself that it's not forever (that's how I got through it) and in your downtime, take steps to better yourself. Chase your passion. Follow your dreams. The only way you advance is if you advance yourself.Decades ago, I worked a job where I was honestly willing, every single day, to take an assault charge if it meant I got to punch my manager in the face. So in my offtime, I was in the gym because back then, I wanted to fight. When I left that job I gave no notice. That was one of the best days of my life.

Long story short; the only one who will better your life is you; not your parents, not your teacher, and almost certainly not your employers. If you want to demonstrate what you will and will not stand for, make yourself such a positive figure that they have to notice you.

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Cathy Shouse
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Thanks for a great post on life and passion.

Avery Tingle
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My pleasure, Cathy. Thanks for stopping by. :-)