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Avery K Tingle

Era of the Scourge, Reclamation Plot and Release Date

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The Era of the Scourge.

In a time long forgotten, when the Earth was called the Third World and the many nations were united as the single land mass known as Panagaea, our world enjoyed a thriving renaissance.

Then, the Scourge arrived.
For the longest time, no one knew where they came from, but their intentions were ruthlessly clear; the extinction of all intelligent life on the Third World. Man, elf, forge, centaur, and all denizens of Panagaea suddenly found themselves marked for extinction.

Forerunners of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Scourge ruled the Third World with genocidal tyranny, exterminating millions of creatures over a period of approximately two centuries until the remnants of the Third World banded together and, aided by the unlikeliest of allies, drove them from our world.

At the beginning of their reign, some were spared to enforce the rule of their masters. These enforcers were strong, merciless, and willing to execute the will of the Scourge at a moment's notice.

Malakai, a terran battle champion, was the foremost of these enforcers.

Favored by Nero, the avatar of War and ruler of the Third World, Malakai enjoyed unmatched power and privilege as he served his master faithfully. But one terrible misdeed costs Malakai everything and Nero takes that which is most precious to him.

Anann, a young angel studying to be a goddess of love, takes pity on Malakai and journeys from Heaven to the Third World in his time of need. She offers him the power to reclaim what is lost, along with her assistance, having no idea of the struggles of the Third World or the lengths Malakai is willing to go to strike back at Nero.

The Angel seeks reunification, the man seeks revenge. Both will embark on the most perilous of journeys where they will be challenged not just by those corrupted by Nero but their own conceptions of right and wrong. For there are no greater forces in this universe than love, hatred, and a need for vengeance. Can an Angel who has never known conflict and a man who has known nothing but overcome their differences to take back what was lost?

Era of the Scourge: Reclamation, a Universal Warrior tale, will drop as an ebook exclusively for Amazon Kindle on November 27th, 2015. A paperback will follow shortly thereafter.

This story serves as one of two preludes for the upcoming Era of the Scourge Book 2: Warblooded, which will drop next year.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.

Avery K. Tingle is a brand-new writing coach and author of multiple short stories across varying genres. Epic fantasy “Era of the Scourge Book 1: The Ring of Asarra” was named a recommended read by Amazon and is available as an ebook or audiobook. Ask how to get a free copy of the audiobook!
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