Friday, June 12, 2015

Avery K Tingle

New Dates and Free Content For Subscribers

Era of the Scourge Book 2: Warblooded will be released for all e-readers on November 16, 2015. Sorry to push things back; between two weddings and the story's explosion, I needed to give myself some breathing room.

A print version is planned.

Universal Warrior: Reclamation is a flash-fiction series that will begin July 3, 2015. It will initially only be available to newsletter subscribers, who will also receive the compiled series free of charge.

"Reclamation" is the epic fantasy story of a warrior who embarks on a bloody quest of vengeance and retribution to find his wife, who was claimed by Nero, the avatar of War and the leader of the Scourge.

All newsletter subscribers will also be getting additional content that I'm saving as a surprise. 

You can sign up for the newsletter, and upcoming series, by clicking here. Everyone who's signed up by July 1st will get Reclamation and other bonuses for free!

Thanks for following along as I stumble along this path. See you this summer!


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