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Avery K Tingle

Children of Divinity, A Superhero Fantasy by Garth Reasby from Talaria Press

"ReAwakened" By Garth Reasby For Talaria Press

While mankind slumbers, powerful forces plot to use humanity for their own purposes. As Children of Divinity begins, these forces move the pieces into place for a great and terrible awakening.
Our age has turned its back on heroes. 



Cu Chulainn. 

Joan of Arc. 

Their names ring through millenia. They were called gods, heroes, the sons and daughters of divinity. Now myths and legends.
Today we know their kind by another word: 


The Children of Divinity series has introduced thousands of readers across the globe to a world where ancient heroes still walk the earth under the guise of humanity; where monsters and evil men wreak havoc on the lives of average people.

Contained in this volume, are five stories set within the greater Children of Divinity universe, stories that shed light on individual characters, and that expand upon events to give insight into the actions and reactions of our heroes.

Included within are two familiar tales and three never-before-seen stories:

• Jill’s Run – First published in the Quests & Answers anthology, this story tells how a clever and brave teenage girl manages to elude highly trained operatives and wind up in the midst of the opening salvo of a global metahuman conflict.

• It’s my Nature first appeared in Once More upon a Time and gives us a modern retelling of The Scorpion and the Frog, featuring every girl’s favorite team leader, Jason Blackwell, aka Scorp.

• Blackwater shows us that not all metamorphs are wicked creatures like the Crimson Shark and his Vodnik mercenaries.

• The Path to Folly is Short gives us our first taste of what happens after Ascend, and lays the groundwork for the next installment of The Children of Divinity.

And finally,

• Hail to the Chief is a sweet tale of Jillian Law’s pug, Master Chief, set during the first night on their own in a new home. The story shows the sorts of misadventures that can arise when your owner is a superhero and how heart overcomes size.

Get ready to be ReAwakened to the world of The Children of Divinity in a whole new way.

The series can be picked up here.

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