Thursday, January 29, 2015

Avery K Tingle


Hello all. May I please have your attention for a brief moment?

My name is Avery K. Tingle. I am a gamer. When people ask me about myself, it's one of the first things I say. It used to be something I squirreled away for fear of rejection, it took me years to become comfortable with the term, and now I'm very proud of my thirty-some-odd years of gaming.

And not just the modern stuff, too; I go back to the 2600. Combat, Yars Revenge, Missile Command. I played games when you didn't have to update or install anything to play them.

One of the facets of the Gamergate scandal is how people are suddenly ashamed to call themselves "gamers" and how it's time for the term to be retired altogether.

To hell with that. I used to get beat up for doing things that everyone wound up enjoying, and now because of a few "people" (and I use the term because I'm not sure they're human) we want to abandon the title?


I AM A GAMER. I was practically born playing video games, and I will be playing video games long after Gamergate has settled. Not only am I a gamer but I believe the following;

  1. Rape and death threats aren't fucking funny. I lose, I say good game, and move on with my life.
  2. The term "gamer" is gender-neutral. I know girl gamers and guy gamers. You know what I call them? GAMERS. I don't believe that having a vagina automatically hinders one's skill level. My girl will kick your ass on quite a few titles.
  3. We need more women designing video games. It's not going to kill the industry. It will round it out.

I'm a gamer. I have this silly little belief that people should be able to pursue this endeavor without fear of persecution or harassment. And there's no way I'm gonna give up this term just because some misanthropic mouth-breathing caveman doesn't know how to talk to women or articulately refute a point of view.

You Must Defeat Sheng Long To Stand A Chance.

Thanks for reading.

Avery K Tingle

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James Neal
January 30, 2015 at 9:32 AM delete

Why? WHY is this such a problem?

Females play games. Today, females design games. Males play and design games. "Gamergate" was ignorant from inception (yes, even the "journalistic integrity) part, and spiraled down into depths normally reserved for sociopaths and...oh wait.

I won't retire the name gamer, either. Videogames, tabletop rpg's, TCG's, you name it, I've probably played it.

Also, I may not agree that ALL us men are ultimately misogynistic (I've read this time and time again), it's time to stop diluting women's messages, especially in games. Females, it has become obvious, like to feel powerful too. Let them have their heroes, we may even like a few of them too.

January 31, 2015 at 11:45 AM delete

So as someone who is actually following and understanding "gamergate", allow me to shed a little light here.

1) Gamergate has absolutely nothing to do with "diluting women's messages". Zero. Nada. Zilch.

2) Gamergate DOES have everything to do with rampant collusion, nepotism, sex for profit, blacklisting and agenda pushing in the games industry.

How did this become a "women" thing? Easy, ass covering.

Gamergate started because a female indie publisher was banging a bunch of guys and in return got very favorable treatment for a game that was literally garbage.

When this came out she did what all radical feminists and social justice types do when faced with criticism... she yelled oppression and lied about essentially everything.She claimed the backlash was "sex shaming" when in fact no one cared - what they cared about was the "I slept with reviewers to get a better score" thing.

From there - it got weirder... leaks came out from a professional game media mailing list that showed collusion among different publications to try and suppress the story and press the feminist angle hard as a way to do so. Caught red handed, they doubled down and have been fighting that fight ever since.

Trolls of all stripes have jumped in on both sides, there has been SWATing, death threats, blacklisting, doxing and job loss ON BOTH SIDES. Contrary to spin - this is a two way street.

Through it all? The professional victim crowd has been doing very well with their patreon campaigns, with every faked (and many have been proven false) threat they scream louder how "women are being attacked" and demand more donations.

I have no intention of accepting a womans word for something without evidence any more than I would accept a mans - if gamergate has proven anything we already knew it is that people are more than happy to lie about being a victim for social, political and monetary gain.