Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Avery K Tingle

2014 In Review

There are a few things I learned this year.

1). The First Time Your Significant Other Pulls A Knife Out On You, You Should Probably Get Out.

Not the second time, not the third, fourth, or fifth. Seriously, the first time the knife comes out, you get the hell out. Yes, I actually had to learn that on my own. Yes, it's okay to laugh. Go ahead. I'm laughing.

2). You Can Actually Escape A Residence With Ninety Percent Of Your Things If You Plan Ahead.

I've pulled some getaways in my time, but to escape my ex's household with as much as I did was nothing short of a miracle. It was a plan executed to Mission Impossible standards, complete with the running timer on my phone and a plot to snatch things I couldn't live without and debating what had to be left behind. In the end, I got all of my clothes, games, movies, a good deal of my books, my X-Box, and even my TV, which I foolishly gave back to her on the condition that she would finalize our divorce. That didn't happen..

Yes, it's still okay to laugh.

But despite all of that, know what the biggest lesson of the year was? The penultimate instruction gleaned in 2014?


I can't tell you what a nightmare Ring of Asarra turned out to be after its release, and I'm lucky that its done as well as it had. When it was going through it's edits, my editor and I were going between Scrivener, Microsoft Word and Kingsoft Office. Some of the revisions just flat-out would not take in translation, and I won't even go into the details of the punctuation horror show that only just got resolved today.

As of today, it continues to sell and became a recommended read on Amazon.
So I write this blog from my own office with no fear of what imagined deed I might have to answer for when my girlfriend gets home. My son is coming to stay with us--maybe for good--in a few days, and I speak, in a friendly manner, with my parents on a regular basis.

Plus the Ravens are in the playoffs! :-)

Thanks for reading. See you all next year.

Current owners should be able to sync up the new copy of the Ring of Asarra within about twelve hours. Interested? You can pick up a Kindle copy here.

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