Thursday, November 13, 2014

Avery K Tingle

Help An Author Out - A Call To Action

Recently, a friend and one of the most talented writers I've ever had the privilege of knowing lost virtually everything in a house fire. Blessedly, everyone (including the dog) escaped without injury.

Unfortunately, this means that MeiLin Miranda and her family have been rendered temporarily homeless and are in need of help. If there was ever a reason to support an author beyond the fact that they are talented and passionate, this is it.

Every purchase you makes life a little easier for MeiLin and her family. This is someone who has worked tirelessly to mentor authors (myself included) without asking anything of anyone. She's an amazing person caught up in circumstances that could've happened to any of us.

If you have the means, please help out. You can check out her extensive library here, and I recommend A History of the Greater Kingdoms series.

Thanks for reading and your support.

Avery K Tingle

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