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Avery K Tingle

Universal Warrior Profile: Asarra

Image Courtesy of Dreamstime
Asarra, an Alpha Being, is one of the original sentient lives created by Amen, and is an original citizen of the paradise city of Avernus. She was entrusted with access to the Life Engine to assist in the population of the Third World. Her gift to her creations were an affinity for nature and long life. Alas, nothing lasts forever... even paradise.

The "Battle of Avernus" was a fight for the ages. Though Asarra fought with all she was in defense of the city she loved, it left her soured against violence and conflict. After the city fell, newly-appointed Universal Guardians Yin and Yang allowed her to remain. She, and a handful of other survivors from Avernus, banded together to build a new home. It was not simply for themselves, but for her offspring upon their passing or leaving the Third World. In memory of her first home, Asarra dubbed the land 'Alfeim', which loosely translated out to "Paradise Remembered".

One thousand years after the fall of Avernus, Asarra is revered and loved as a god. Her creations often refer to her as the Great Mother or Highborne and watches over a thousand lives in Alfeim.

She has been forbidden from intervening in the affairs of her creations. However when an opportunity presents itself, Asarra will find herself in a position to decide the fate of many...

Universal Warrior: The Ring of Asarra will be released November 3rd, 2014.

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