Friday, October 24, 2014

Avery K Tingle

The Scourge Arrive

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It is not known why the Scourge chose Torduin as their first point of attack.

All that is known is that no one survived. The industrious dwarves whom constructed and resided in the mountain city were caught completely unaware.

Beings who rode massive winged beasts and breathed terrible fire, plague, and suffering killed at will. They struck dozens with each terrifying pass, laying homes and forges to ruin. When the smoke settled, more than two thousand lives had been ended that day.

These beings resembled Terrans, but were infinitely more powerful. Their commander was Nero, the bloodthirsty avatar of war. He was accompanied by Semira, Atrophos, and Sephtis, the avatars of famine, disease, and death. Together they carried out a brutal campaign that resulted in the complete annihilation of the Torduin dwarves.

The Scourge spread forth from Torduin and continued a campaign of genocide that pushed both Terran and Elf to the brink of humanity.

The Dwarven people are all but extinct.

It has been nearly one hundred and fifty years since the Scourge lay siege to Torduin. For reasons unknown, they halted their genocidal campaign but continue to rule Panagaea from the cursed land of Kandashar.

Though their rule has not gone unchallenged, nothing may last forever.

And no one can trifle with gods without consequence.

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