Thursday, August 7, 2014

Avery K Tingle

Never Stop Growing.

One of my new sparring partners is a twenty-one year old Wing Chun and boxing expert. After we finished a brief-but-brutal match yeterday, I asked him what he thought he needed to improve. Without hesitation he replied; "Everything."

His humility got me thinking; one of life's great joys is the fact that we will never become perfect at any one thing. No matter what we achieve, or how long we hone our craft, there will always be another level to reach, if we seek it.

I've been a professional writer for six years now, and I'm only now grasping the basics. I wonder where I'll be ten years from now if I continue to practice.

The best thing we can do, as writers, creatives, martial artists, and human beings, is continue to evolve and develop our skills. Maybe we'll accomplish great things along the way, maybe we won't, but if we continue to grow and be better than we were, then we will never truly fail.

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You're coming on down that road, Avery and good to see you passing this way. I agree with you. Nothing worth doing ever gets done. It is always possible to hone it, explore it further or express it more authentically. And as luck would have it, that is our nature - to create and expand. Keep on my friend.