Saturday, April 5, 2014

Avery K Tingle

So I Bought A New Car, But Then...(Or, How I Finally Learned to Slow Down)

My First Legal Car! 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo LT "Black Monte".

So three momentous things happened this weekend. I bought my first new car, Cari and I moved in together after eight months of exclusive dating, and I discovered StorySkeleton, my new favorite writing toy. More on that later.

So anyway, this is it; my first (used) new car. I had my eye on this thing for weeks, maintained regular contact with the dealer, finally sealed the deal yesterday. I was grateful for the friends I made in the country because I knew what to look for on the test drive. Barring a few minor issues, I signed on the dotted line and took delivery.

This is one of the many things Cari and I had planned to do this weekend, so our next trip is to my old apartment to finish clearing it out. Between the move, the car, the weather, the job, and writing, I'm pretty much burned out. I don't know this yet. It's gonna hit home real soon.

So we finish getting everything back to the new house (two hours later), and I'm thinking to myself, in the maddened rush to get everything unpacked;

Hey, I have too many keys on my keyring.
I know what I'll do.
I'll separate them. Right now.
No. Not tomorrow. Now. Tomorrow would make sense.

And that's it. I swear to you, that is what happened. I unhooked the keys to my NEW CAR and passed them off into the ether. For all intents, they vanish into thin air.
I don't even realize that anything is wrong until I go to start my car again, which I should probably tell you IS NOW BLOCKING TWO GARAGES. Cari and I had planned to go out to dinner last night to celebrate. That didn't happen.

I have to commend her on her restraint and patience, because it was taxed to the very limit yesterday. We unloaded everything and tore the house to shreds. We never found the keys.

So in order to move the car WE HAVE TO HAVE IT TOWED! I watch my beautiful new monster jacked up to the end of a tow truck, and it is escorted to her work where it will remain safely overnight.

Did I mention that by now, I'm feeling mighty stupid?

Today rolls around. The locksmith crafts a new key and panels for a quarter of what he usually charges. Order is restored with the world. I bring my car home.

And that is how I learned to slow down.

Thanks for reading.

And no, we never did find the keys.

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