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Avery K Tingle

The Paradox of Orson Scott Card from a Writer's Perspective

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I'm watching Ender's Game for the first time. Having never read the book I find myself wondering would could possibly have been left out from Orson Scott Card's revered novel. I want to pick it up; actually purchase and delve into it...but I just can't make myself.

I haven't purchased anything from Orson Scott Card since I learned how unabashedly bigoted he was against homosexuals. Granted, the man has a right to think and even say what he likes, but as a fellow creative (though I've not even scratched the surface of that man's success), I find myself shaking my head, wondering how someone can simultaneously be so brilliant and so moronic at the same time.

Each experience we encounter presents an opportunity to learn, and evolve. So I watch Ender's Game and read his works as as surgeon approaching a patient; ignoring what should be ignored, dealing with what should be dealt with.

I watch Ender's Game and I see that the man does grasp the fundamentals of human nature; a need for violence and how we may find ways to justify that need, that we may sleep at night. The bonds of family, not just by blood, but by circumstance. The need to know, explore, and perhaps conquer what may be out there.

The point he is clearly missing is that like it or not, the only way we grow, and evolve, as a species, is to do it together. We gain nothing by condemning our differences, we gain everything by embracing we makes each of us unique. We don't have to necessarily agree with it, but there shouldn't be any room for condemning it.

So I may (continue to) peruse libraries for a copy, but I just can't see myself lining this bigot's pockets.

A writer should know better.

That's just me.

Thanks for reading.

Avery K Tingle

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