Monday, March 31, 2014

Avery K Tingle

Introducing Universal Warrior: An Epic Fantasy Series by Avery K. Tingle

This is my formal introduction of my life's work, entitled as a whole as Universal Warrior, to the planet Earth.

What Is Universal Warrior?

Universal Warrior is an epic fantasy series originating at the beginning of time, chronicling the adventures of various beings as they take their place in the great struggle between Heaven and Hell that culminates at the end of reality--and beyond.

What's The Basic Premise?

At the beginning of time, the four dimensions that comprise the known universe were formed by a singular being called Amen. Left drained by the effort, Amen sired two children; twins of equal and nearly infinite power, named Yin and Yang. Their duty was to safeguard their father's creation while Amen himself entered the Millenial Slumber, after which he would awake and pass judgment on the work of his children.

Though there was peace in the beginning, eventually Yin and Yang came to disagree over how their father's favorite creation, the homo sapien, would be managed. This disagreement led to disastrous consequences which devolved into the world we know today.

Is Any Of The Story Commercially Available Now?

Yes! The first book in this story, Before Red Morning is available FOR FREE on Smashwords right now. It's a first-draft telling of three Angels and one human being in the events leading to the first battle between Heaven and Hell.

Is There More Coming?

Yes; around April 20th, I'll be announcing the next story in the Universal Warrior saga, but, if you want to know early, I'll be making the announcement early to everyone who's signed up for the newsletter. If you want to get first dibs, sign up for the newsletter on the front page of the blog and yes, I promise never to sell your email. Ever. I don't like getting spammed myself so I wouldn't do it to anyone else.

So that's it! Thanks for reading!

Avery K Tingle

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