Sunday, March 16, 2014

Avery K Tingle

Introducing #thisisouryear

What Is #thisisouryear?

#thisisouryear is a new hashtag for bloggers who are celebrating resounding success following extremely difficult times. It's a way to connect with others who are succeeding at their endeavors after enduring hardship. It is being formed in the hope of keeping from people from giving up.

How Do I Do It?

Connect with me on twitter at @thisisouryear14.

When you blog, post your blog to social media using the hashtag #thisisouryear. Participants who pick it up will share to their own networks, and hopefully, we can turn this thing into something positive and global.

Are There Rules?

Only a couple; I'm not much for rules.

1). If you post your own stuff, you must retweet/share others posts.
2). No negative comments or condemning of others. At all.

When I started blogging years ago, I wanted to ensure that people never had endure my experiences; what I found instead was that I was not alone. I've been blessed to come into contact with so many mentors and good people, and this is my way of paying it forward on social media. 2013 was, for a lot of us, an extremely difficult year. So let's turn it around in 2014 and make it our own, what do you say?

Thanks for reading. And participating.

Avery K Tingle

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