Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Avery K Tingle


Before Man Walks
Before the Gods Rule
The Animal Kingdom Will Face Down The Armageddon.

To do so, the Baerslayers must rise...

On the new planet Heaven, before the age of Angels and the Human Race, the animal kingdom enjoys an idyllic life on the continent called Arahk-Stahn. The rule of the land is divided by the alpha predators; the Wolf Nation, skilled, strong, and loyal, and the Lynx Aristocracy, proud, noble, and swift. Once sworn enemies, the ruling parties of the two races have agreed to set aside their differences to prevent another uprising similar to the one that saw Avernus fall.

When a new, horrible Alpha predator appears in Arahk-Stahn, both the nation and the aristocracy are sundered. Neither race is prepared to deal with the superior strength, speed, and utter ferocity of this new beast, which is capable of taking on entire packs at a time. It does not eat what it kills, appearing to live only for the kill itself.

They call this creature the baer.

Brandr, of the Wolf nation, sets out to destroy the creature. He soon crosses paths with Aldurax, of the Lynx aristocracy. They are joined by Talak of the sorcerous, two-tailed Firewalkers.

Bitter enemies must set aside their inborn distrust and come together to defeat a common foe. Their ominous excursion will take them to the very sources of life and death itself and headlong into a battle that will not only decide who holds sway over the nation but over the four dimensions as well.

Epic Fantasy from Akting Out LLC for your e-reader. Hopefully in your hands by the end of the year.

Thanks for reading.

Avery K Tingle

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