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Avery K Tingle

How To Turn Your Android Into A Playstation In Fifteen Steps

This is a straightforward, ten-step guide to turning your Android into a Playstation. I'll save all the tech-speak for after the instructions.

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1). Go to the Google Play Store and download the following apps;
  1. EPSXE (This is your actual Playstation) (This will cost about four dollars and is very worth it.)
  2. Any Emulator Bios
  3. ES File Explorer
  4. Download Manager
  5. ZArchiver
2). Open ES File Explorer. 

3). Under "Settings (bottom-left button of your device), tap "Settings". 

4). Navigate to "Home Directory" and change the Home Directory to "/". 

5). Back out. Scroll down to "Mnt". Once there, scroll down to "extSDCard".

6). Bring up your settings again and tap "New", from there "New Folder". Name this new folder "ROMS". This is where your games will go.

7). Open "Any Emulator Bios". Select "Playstation 1 Bios". Save Bios Files to your new ROMS folder. (Without this, games may not work correctly).

My ROMS directory as it appears in ES Explorer.

8). Open "Download Manager" (Time to go get some games!). In the search bar, enter "Coolroms".

9). Browse their site and find a ROM (game) you want to download. Follow the prompts to download the ROM. (The download may pause. If it does, let it remain paused, and wait about three minutes before resuming)

10). When the file has finished downloading, open "Z-Archiver". Browse to the Folder "FDDM". Browse to "Other" and you'll find your Zip File waiting for you.

11). Tap the file. Tap "Extract...". At the top of the screen, tap where it says "Other". Navigate to "SD Card.

12). Locate your "ROMS" folder. Extract the file here. This may take a moment.

13). Open ePSXe. Tap "Run Game". The SD card will be scanned and your game should appear.

Once successfully downloaded, games should appear like this.

14). Tap Game.

15). Enjoy Game.


  1. There are plenty of other emulators beyond ePSXe, but this is the one I've found the most success with. It's run every game I've thrown at it with minimal issue, plus there are cheats. If you want to try others, I recommend FPse but only as a backup to ePSXe, and Retroarch.
  2. I strongly recommend picking up a 64-Gig SD Micro SD card. They run between fifty to eighty dollars.
  3. If you want a complete experience, pick up the MOGA Pro Power Pad. This is arguably the best gaming pad available for the Android. I struggle a bit using the D-Pad for fighting games, but for RPG's and action games, it doesn't get any better than this.
  4. I recommend using a high-end device. I run the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which gets hot after about forty-five minutes of play time. The Note III and S4 do not overheat on long playing sessions. From one gamer to another, take breaks.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with me. I've figured out how to run SNES, Genesis, and Neo-Geo games, but I'm still learning to pair the PS3 pad to my phone and hook it all up to the TV.
Thanks for reading.

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Keep on writing, great job!

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September 4, 2014 at 11:52 AM delete

Do you have to have to an sd card to play psx games?

Avery Tingle
September 4, 2014 at 7:47 PM delete

An SD card isn't mandatory, no, but it helps if you want to keep a lot of games on your phone. Otherwise, you can use your phones internal memory.