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Avery K Tingle

End Bullying: Blame The Bully.

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I'll ask you in advance to forgive me, please. This is a post written from anger. It is an anger decades old, born from being both a victim and a reformed perpetrator of this cycle, now observing what I believe is a world gone terribly wrong

I'm browsing my news feeds tonight when I come across this little number. I understand that the motives are well-intentioned and the interviewer does illustrate the point I'm about to make, but once again I find myself asking; why are we blaming the victim for the bullying? Why must the victim be "fixed"? Why are we so bound and determined to keep people from taking responsibility for their own actions?

Free plastic surgery for children who're being tormented is the exact wrong thing to do, in my opinion. I look at the kids in this article and see nothing wrong with them.

"Fixing" these kids doesn't solve the problem. It, once again, validates the bullies.

Once upon a time, I would say damn the consequences and beat the holiday stuffing out of them. But I'm trying to find a better way. A less violent way.

It starts at home. Parents, please, in the name of the future, tell your kids that there is no real difference between human beings, that demeaning and tormenting someone because they look different, come from a different culture, or prefer a different life style is intolerable. And if they dare act in this manner, punish them, for God's sake. Ground them. Suspend them. Fire them. Within law and reason, make them pay for what they have done and demonstrate that their behavior will not be tolerated in our society.

We may see a reduction of school and workplace shootings if we dare force perpetrators to accept responsibility for their actions. Let's get back on that road, shall we?

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