Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Avery K Tingle

What Writers Can Learn From Catching Fire

Image Courtesy of Lionsgate. "The Hunger Games" Written By Suzanne Collins

Walking away from the best film I've seen in theaters since Man of Steel, I can't help thinking how desperately the world needs your story. My story. All of our stories.

The Hunger Games is definitive proof that the world will flock to your story if you're willing to put in the time. The books sold millions of copies and the movies are well on the way to becoming a phenomenon. 

No matter where the stories are now, they began in the mind of Suzanne Collins. She wrote all three of those books out. She was discouraged. She felt like quitting. And she saw it through.

And for those of you would say, "Well, those were her characters. Those were her stories." I would say to you that you're absolutely right. So the best you can do is tell your stories, and speak of your characters, and suffer through the vicious, soul-numbing endless number of rejections to find success. Because I will tell you something that not a lot of other people will say; the difference between the one who failed and the one who succeeded was the one who stayed with it.

So if you're feeling that you cannot do this, that you just cannot take one more rejection or you just can't do this anymore, I tell you to go see Catching Fire.

And then get to work.

Best of luck to you in your endeavors,  and thanks for reading.

On an endnote, a good friend of mine quit his job eighteen months ago to pursue his writing career. Though he came close to throwing in the towel time and again, he is now, as of today, a successful freelance writer and editor with multiple clients, and he produces a weekly comic strip. So it can be done.

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