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Avery K Tingle

X-Pipes Evolution Reviewed

This is a cute, basic and addictive little puzzler from the mind of Frederico Filiponi. There is both a free version and paid available for both iPhone and iPad.

The objective is simple; line up enough pipes so that the toxic-looking (and well-animated) fluid can safely pass through. Clear the level by having the ooze pass through a certain number of pipes.

This game is incredibly basic and easy to pick up on. The concept is simple; line up pipes. You're given a time limit, but even if you exceed that, you can keep going. You'll just have the ooze chasing you every step of the way. In the end, there's no containing the ooze; you just have to allow it to pass through a set number of pipes before it spews out. The more pipes you allow it to pass through, the higher your score.

Of course, you won't be able to use every single pipe that comes down the line at the moment it comes out. Luckily, you have a full board to work with. You can place unnecessary pieces elsewhere at the expense of your score; every piece that gets 'detonated' at the end of a round will cost you one hundred points. Personally, I enjoyed the challenge. It added a bit of strategy to the title.

Don't let the extras build up!

While the ability to withdraw or eliminate pieces is a nice perk, I was left a little baffled as to why the developer chose not to give players the ability to rotate pieces, even on a limited basis. This can make later levels extremely frustrating as you may find yourself running through your eliminations simply to get to that one piece you need (think the long line in Tetris).

The concept is simple, the execution is fun and fit for all ages, and makes a great time-waster during commutes. Everyone can benefit from the free version, but only the die-hard puzzlers may want to pay the three dollar asking price for the full version. Casual players may find themselves frustrated and annoyed at a fun, yet limited app.

If you enjoy puzzlers, have kids, and/or want to support the indies, pick this up. Looking for quick fun and a way to kill a few minutes? Get the free version.

The free version gets you twelve levels. The paid version gets you all thirty-two. I gave this 3.5 stars in the app store.

I've been informed that the developer plans to include some more features in a future update. Thanks for reading.

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