Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Avery K Tingle

Why I Won't Be Getting An X-Box One (Initially, Anyway)

This whole set, plus more on the device itself: UNPLAYABLE on the One.

So by now, we've all seen, or at least heard of, the big X-Box One reveal from Microsoft that came out not too long ago. We marveled at how pretty the new Forza and Call of Duty was, we got hyped about the upcoming, Steven Spielberg-produced, live-action Halo series, and of course, Kinect comes standard now. There were plenty of things to get excited about.

However, once the euphoria wore off, some glaring flaws cane to light, and continue to trickle out over time. These new facts have been enough to warn me away from getting the new console, at least as it stands. Here's why.

3). No Backwards Compatibility.
I walked away from a very informative discussion on Google Plus with a better understanding of Microsoft's decision. Personally, I would rather have paid between seven and eight hundred dollars for a new system if it meant being able to play my existing collection.
As it stands, anyone who has games for the 360 will find themselves out in the cold when the One rolls out. This also means those who invest in the system will basically be starting from scratch, with virtually no GAMING entertainment out of the box and what may be a raised cost in new games.

However, of all the system's faults, I can forgive this one. As for the others...

2). No Titles From XBLA Will Be Compatible.
I will never understand this momentous slap in the face from Redmond. The existing titles, such as Mass Effect, I can understand. The processors between the One and the 360 are too different.
But taking the ability to play simple arcade games is either blatant disregard for what the customer wants or poor planning.
But not being able to play older games that I downloaded directly from their servers on their system is something I find ridiculous. I refuse to believe that there is no way Microsoft can adapt their mighty processor to deal with games like Sonic The Hedgehog and King of Fighters.

1). No Used Games
I'm a nine-to-fiver with expenses and responsibilities. It's difficult to envision paying sixty dollars for a game is almost impossible to me, and to be frank, a lot of recent titles are not worth that much money (COUGH *Resident Evil 6* COUGH). To be honest, if it wasn't for used games, I doubt I'd be able to play on a console at all.
The idea that I can't take MY game that I bought with MY MONEY and loan it to a friend is beyond the pale of ridiculous. I would not purchase th X-Box One on this caveat alone. While I understand these big name companies have to make their milions of dollars back, this feels like extortion. Locking games to accounts is unnecessary, selfish, and overreaching. I will not support this medium in any way.

Put simply, I have an Android and an iPad. If I wanna go shopping or check my mail, I hop on one of those two devices. I could personally care less about having access to the net from my TV, or any of the other little unnecessary things Microsoft saw fit to add on. I buy game systems to play games, first and foremost. Everything else is a perk. It's nice, and thank you, Redmond, but I just want to play.

I imagine that some of these constraints will be either worked around (I hope) or modified, sinceas it stands, Microsoft has angered a great number of its customer base.

Until then, I will be content with my 360 until it burns out, at which point I'll buy another one and stick with it until Microsoft gets it right.

Thank you for reading.

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