Monday, April 15, 2013

We Will Still Run.

To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to tell you that you have failed. Not only have you failed, but you have failed miserably.

You have wounded us. You've even killed some of us. But you have failed to make us afraid.

No, we are not afraid. Quite the opposite; WE ARE ANGRY.

But there will be time for justice and your answering for your deeds later. At this moment, what you need to know is this.

We will get up tomorrow.
We will go to work, and school.
We will laugh. We will hang out. We will have fun.

And next year, under a more vigilant security, WE WILL STILL RUN.

You can hurt us, you can even kill us, but you will never, ever scare us.

And if I may paraphrase Liam Neeson,

Now that you have our attention
We will find you.
We will hunt you down.
And you will answer for this.

Start running. Enjoy your head start while it lasts.


Avery K. Tingle
Author and Angered American Citizen

I'd like to extend prayers and condolences to those affected by this senseless atrocity. You are not alone out there.

Thanks for reading.


James Neal said...

Avery, a great post that is short and to the point. We Will Still Run is a great rallying cry; and you have done Boston and America a service. Thank you so much.

Avery Tingle said...

My pleasure, James. Thanks for reading.