Monday, April 8, 2013

Avery K Tingle

Dreadful Cafe's Iron Writer Insane-A-Thon 2K13 Contest Entry

So I happened to be browsing Google Plus the other day when I came across this post by Dreadful Cafe. Writers, I cannot stress it enough; if you are not on Google Plus, you are denying yourself one of the internet's best networking environments.

I've been on a roll with Atherean Defenders (nearing the twenty thousand word mark), I haven't published anything original lately, and I could always use more free stuff (publicity! Book! AMAZON GIFT CARD!!)
So I figured toss my hat into the ring, once again trying my hand against some of the greats I know.

I wanted to do an original story from the Alpha period of Universal Warrior, since that's the area I'm working in right now, and here, for you faithful readers first, is a synopsis of the contest entry.

The Battle of Naridia

In the day's of our future's past, in the ruin of fire and ash, there are those who will argue that the war between Heaven and hell began at Red Morning.

And then there are those who will argue that the battle began at the bottom of the Atherean in Naridia....

When Seryna, mer-princess of Naridia and heir to throne of Naridia, can no longer abide the slaughter of her people at the hands of her stepmother Vepar, and her murpeople, she forsakes her fathers command and rule, venturing to the surface of Heaven. Once there, she has only one goal; to seek out Odin of Asgard, Yang of Heaven, and Zeus of Mount Olympus, and enlist their aid in a desperate bid to retake her city.

But what begins as a peaceful negotiation quickly devolves into a full-on conflict as the depths of Vepar's resolve are revealed, for she will do anything to hold onto what she has taken, and what she now calls her own. For those who stand against her, they will be forced to confront their own morality as they question how far they are willing to go to prevent the extinction of a race.

How many must die
So that many more can live?

Angels can sin, warriors are forged and the flames to a greater war are kindled

in The Battle of Naridia.

I'm gonna have a special promotion for you guys when this is over, too. I'll have it done at the end of Saturday night, and I'll tell you how I did when the judging's done.

Thanks for reading.

Avery K Tingle

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