Monday, March 18, 2013

Avery K Tingle

Two Days With The Galaxy Note II (Part 2)

So this was it. I'd already put the Samsung Galaxy Note II through all of its writing and everday paces (save for one glaring flaw, it came through okay), but this was the key test. Could I load up this phone with a bunch of memory-hogging entertainment apps, play them all relentlessly, and still have something left at the end of the day?

Behold; the arcade. I wanted to load up with casual, pick-up-and-play stuff that wouldn't kill my battery (Angry Birds Star Wars, Fruit Ninja) and then high-end stress relief and retro classics (N.O.V.A., GTA Vice City, and of course, NBA Jam and King of Fighters).

Sonic CD is AMAZING on this phone!

I have to admit that I pretty much limited my playing between NBA Jam and King Of Fighters, especially the latter once I found out it was available. These are two games that will jam up virtually any free phone you get with a major carrier once you sign a contract. I didn't have high hopes when I booted up KoF...

I wish I could've recorded the gameplay to accurately show off how well this game plays on the Galaxy Note II. It is on par with 2-D title you download from X-Box Live or its Sony counterpart. Amazingly, not once did the game slow down, even when screen-filling (process-chewing) super took up the entire screen. The pace was arcade fast and frenetic, the controls smooth, responsive. Let me repeat; absolutely no lag time whatsoever. I blew a few matches because I actually expected the phone to jam up. It never did. Not once. Running a game like King of Fighters is not easy on a phone, and this phone did it.

Terry Bogard's Triple Geyser. This move will KILL a normal phone.

The experience was similar on NBA Jam. No slowdown, no lag, no complaints.

NBA Jam. Arcade Faithful.

I must've bounced back and forth between these two titles for about six hours over the course of the work day. Of course, the battery was down to about twenty-three percent by the end of the day, but the surprise was how easily the phone switched from heavy arcade play to simple tasks, like writing.

Again, no lag, no slowdown, no clearing the cache. I mean, you can download ES Task Manager if it makes you feel better, but it's  unnecessary.

I cannot praise this phone highly enough. Its capabilities are off the charts. This is a miniature computer in the palm of your hand. Sure, nothing's perfect; the thing is huge, and the fact that I can't use the S-Pen for Evernote is a HUGE turnoff, but one of these things you can get used to and the other may come in a future update.

If you need a multi-purpose smartphone, this is easily your best bet. From heavy duty gaming to taking notes, and writing documents, it doesn't get better than the Samsung Galaxy Note II. 

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March 18, 2013 at 7:57 PM delete

I just got a Galaxy Note II last week! I love love love that it has proper office tools available -- I already have some spreadsheets and docs set up.

I'm not an Evernote user, so I guess I'm having a hard time understanding -- why wouldn't the S Pen work as a keyboard alternative? So far it seems like the handwriting recognition pad is independent of the app it's being used to input to. Maybe I'll install Evernote just to see what's going on.