Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Would You Vote A Latino Into Office?

A friend of mine calls me up the other day. No hi, no how-are-you; he just jumps right into it.

"Hey, Avery, would you vote a Latino into office?"

Short answer, with no hesitation. "Yes."
I take a moment and then follow it up with "Well, it depends on what she or he stood for."

This turns into a bit of a conversation. We talk about the current state of the country and what a statement it would be, to vote a Latino into office. Or a woman, for that matter. It turned a bit controversial, him asking if I would vote someone into office if they weren't born here.

Call it the results of a California upbringing, but I don't see color. To be honest, I'm surprised and mildly offended that some people do. The fact that people will turn others away based solely on skin color is the most ludicrous thing in the world to me. The person one snubbed may save their life one day.

One's skin color means nothing. What they stand for means everything.

So, in closing, yes, I would vote a Latino, and anyone else, into office IF their beliefs aligned with my own. I don't care if they descended here in a spaceship with eight eyes and green skin. If they mean what they say, and I believe in what they're saying, I'll vote for them.

That's all.

Thanks for reading.


Elizabeth Franken said...

Thank you. I really enjoyed reading this. I also agree that race doesn't mean anything, it is based on if the candidate's beliefs correspond with my own.

Katherine Hajer said...

So in other words, you vote on platforms, and issues. Like a citizen in a liberal democracy is supposed to.

You said it very succinctly and eloquently, but it's a bit sad it needs to be said at all, non?

Avery Tingle said...

Truly, yes.