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UPDATE: Before Red Morning [Redux]

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For those of you who're brand new to the blog, Universal Warrior epic fantasy series I've been working on since I was oh, I dunno, maybe six years old. I just refer to it as UW now. I released the first story Before Red Morning last year on Smashwords to a lukewarm reception. I was hoping to bank the fact that it was free into huge numbers. I was wrong. Nearly a year later, it hasn't been downloaded four hundred times yet.

Lesson learned; just because it's free doesn't mean people will flock to it. Still, those who've read it seemed to have liked it, including complete strangers who took a liking to some of the monsters. It's still free. Take a look for yourself.

I've been working on a more professional version of Before Red Morning to be entered into the overall story's canon called Before Red Morning [Redux]. This is the official prequel to Atherean Defenders and for those of you who read the original Before Red Morning, there have been a lot of changes. Reginald's character has gone through the most changes, including name, age, and background. Angelica would be next; her background hasn't changed so much, but her name and other facets of her personality have. I didn't do much with Lihua, who emerged as a favorite. I'm actually planning a novella series spinoff for her later this year.

But I digress.

Before Red Morning [Redux] tells the story of five characters in the years leading to the first war between Heaven and Hell. In this era, Hell is so unknown that it has not even been named yet. Yet, these five characters will take place in events that ultimately thrust Angels into battle with their fallen kin, in a war that will last for millenia and ultimately be decided on our plane of existence.

In Blood Ties, Xero St. Tessera, future leader of the Atherean Defenders, has been on the run with his family and fugitive sister for the past four seasons. When the law finally catches up with them, Xero must risk everything to rescue his sister before she can be turned over to the Southern Lands. But even if Xero can save her, is she guilty of the crime she was convicted of, and will his family still be there if he survives?

In Stormchasers, teenagers Jayden and Bethany Zeneca aid an old friend in a desperate attempt to return stolen property to Mount Olympus. They are ambushed along the way by former friends who have since been exiled. Heroes are born high above the Atherean as the teenagers fight for the safety of others, gaining the attention of Zeus in the process. But at great power comes great cost, and what price will they pay for their power?

In Radiance, Shara St. Nazali keeps a dark secret from her family. When this secret is brought to light, she faces excommunication from her order--and her family. Before the order can be carried out, Shara and her people find themselves facing an extermination squad. But should she fight for those who cast her out, and what price will she pay for her choice?

In Reborn, Lihua Fan races through the Himilayan Mountains with her rescuer, Ai, as they attempt to flee the feudal lord who has oppressed them and impregnated Lihua. They reach their sanctuary, but not without leading their pursuers to their front door. In the definition of what makes a hero, Lihua Fan makes a valiant last stand against her tormentors, determined to stay alive long enough to ensure that everyone escapes. But will she lose everything in the process? 

In Vengeance, Lillith Yin is sent back to Earth to exact Vengeance against Adam, Earth's alpha male, for his casting her into the Southern Lands a thousand years ago. With blood and revenge on her mind, Lillith cuts a swath through Pangaea on her way to Eden. But will the addition of Eve, Adam's new mate, be enough to thwart the might of Lillith, and if not, what is the cost of her vengeance?

This set of five stories will be initially available on all ereaders from .99 to $3.99, I haven't decided yet. If it does well enough, I may consider a print version. I do intend to purse professional editing and a book cover for the project.

I'm aiming to get this out around May 2013, and I'll be doing some kind of giveaway for early birds.

Thanks for reading. Make sure you check out the update for Atherean Defenders, too!

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