Friday, February 15, 2013

Avery K Tingle

UPDATE: Atherean Defenders

"Heaven" Image courtesy of morguefile

This is the book I started two years ago. It's on it's...fifth draft, I believe. I completed it's fourth draft for last year's Nanowrimo, and it made me realize I have a fear of finishing, even if I rarely get writer's block anymore.

This is the draft I plan to release. I'm approximately twenty-three thousand words into it so far, and I'd like it to be over sixty, so I'm hoping to have it ready for editing by the end of April, and ready to go in May. I haven't decided on a price yet. 

Initially, this will be ebook only, but depending on how well it does, I may do a print version. Some people already have a free print version coming, and I promised I haven't forgotten about you guys.

The war begins with a sea-borne assault on Heaven's capitol city led by Lillith Yin, daughter of Yin, sovereign lady of the Southern Lands. Scores of lives are lost as Lillith declares the Southern Lands apostasy from Heaven, demanding that Heaven surrender its territories to the new land and submit to Lady Yin's rule. If this demand is not met within three sunrises, the capitol of Heaven, and much more, will be destroyed.

Yang, Yin's estranged brother and last ruler of Heaven, refuses to authorize aggresive action against his sister even as the Angels cry out for vengeance, one of the unforgivable sins. To combat Yin's aggression, Odin and Zeus meet in secret and assemble four Angels who've already seen combat. Their mission; enter the Atherean and shut down Lillith's war machine before she can unleash it against Heaven.

Old hatreds are brought to light, new ones are established, family matters will be established and a new world order will rise as the two greatest powers in the universe make war with one another, affecting every other living thing in existence and ultimately raging till our time, when it will finally end.

Before Lucifer, before Satan, before Michael and the Archangels...there were the Atherean Defenders.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.

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