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Avery K Tingle

The Worthy

"Courage" By Mahir Ozkan. This is the representation of Lihua Fan.

The following is an excerpt from Universal Warrior: Atherean Defenders.

Lihua Fan awakens in Asgard, having spent the last four seasons in a coma following a severe beating at the hands of Lillith Yin. She explores Asgard, getting herself into a bit of trouble with Baldur and Tyr along the way. She is then summoned by Odin himself and led to the Solarium, Asgard's premier meditation chamber. As Odin explains the various districts of Asgard, Lihua asks about an eerie black structure floating  on its own, west of the Solarium.

"What is that?" She asked, pointing.
Odin followed her finger, sighing when his eyes fell upon the onyx construction hovering in the distance. Its color and shape starkly contrastrated the rest of Asgard, with its golden, gleaming spires and beautiful, curved structures.
"Ah, that." Odin mused, "I have yet to name that structure."
"Why does it look so different?" Lihua persisted, suddenly fearful of sounding childish.
Odin nodded at the structure, acknowledging it with black eyes, "Its competition needed to differ from the remainder of Asgard. Those who will occupy that place...must remain there until they are needed."
A cold wind blew past them. Transfixed, Lihua moved her hair away from her face. Unsure she wanted the answer to her next question, she overpowered her apprehension and spoke; "...who will occupy that place, my lord?"
For a moment, Odin said nothing as the wind prevailed. When he next spoke, his voice was a low, ominous rumble. "There is great conflict coming," He replied, "A conflict beyond magnitude; the day we must all answer for our deeds with our blood."
He paused.
"When that day comes, our very survival may rely upon those who reside in that place. So it is there they will remain, in glorious, unyielding battle, until the end comes when that last great conflict must occur."
Lihua exhaled, attempting to process everything she'd just learned. 
She asked her final question with more firmness than she thought herself capable of. "Odin." She began, "Who will reside in there?"
An odd smile crept across Odin's face as he directed his black eyes towards her. "The worthy, child." He nodded, looking back up at the structure. "The worthy."

Avery K Tingle

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