Monday, January 14, 2013

Writing Challenge, Week Of 1-14-13

I'm officially back at work. Full-time, forty hours per week. With the additional responsibilities, I spent the weekend trying to ascertain how exactly to keep pace on a novel meant to exceed the 100k word mark, as well as the rewrite on the novelette. I still would like to have both done by the end of January so I can transition into Kickstarter as smoothly as I can.

I resolved to get up earlier; the more time I have in the day, the better. Mission accomplished.
Then I got to thinking; I was able to complete NaNoWriMo both times I attempted it. Fifty thousand words, one month.

But what if it could be done in three days?
Tall order, I know, so let me break it down like this.

Goal One: By the end of Wednesday, I would like to have a bare minimum of thirty thousand words completed on ATHEREAN DEFENDERS.

Goal Two: By the end of Wednesday, ideally, I would like to have a maximum of fifty-five thousand words completed on ATHEREAN DEFENDERS.

These are not NaNoWriMo words I'm talking about, either; I mean a maximum of fifty five thousand good words. Words I can pass off to an editor or show to my readers.

Twenty-five thousand minimum, fifty thousand maximum. Three days.
If you can see the image I've included (please forgive the quality, the iPad takes horrible photos), Atherean Defenders is currently at just under 5.4k good words. What I have here won't be revised much.

I'll post my progress. Wish me luck.
Thanks for reading.


runswithblisters said...

Wow! Impressive goal. Apparently you're blessed to be one of those super people who don't need much sleep. Anything less than a consistent 8 hours, and my body starts shutting down :( Good luck!

Avery Tingle said...

Thank you! I just accomplished it! And I usually get by on between five and six hours per night. I've never needed that much sleep but that seems to be changing as I get older.

keikomushi said...

Is that the standard writing app for the iPad or something else?

Avery Tingle said...

That is Storyist, which may be the best writing app I've ever used on any platform.