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What's Next For Universal Warrior

What I Imagine The Sky Haven, atop Mount Olympus, Looks Like

There's a lot to share on this book series, so please allow me to jump right in.


Yes, I'm pulling a George Lucas--sort of. The original copy of Before Red Morning is still available and will always be free of charge. I know I said I'd un-publish it, but I decided against it. No matter what, it's the first work I ever completed for the mass market, and I didn't want to undo that.
But there were issues, some of which I was aware of at publication and others that became clear over time, that are just begging to be resolved. So I've begun rewriting a couple of the stories and gotten awesome feedback from my beta readers. My goal is to have the new Before Red Morning done by the end of this month. The new version will feature complete rewrites of two stories and the addition of a fifth. Eventually, I plan to sell this under the Akting Out LLC label at Amazon for ninety-nine cents (around March).

Also, every writer needs to have beta readers. It's that simple.

I finished the first (fifth, if you're keeping track over the years) draft of this book during last year's Nanowrimo, took a break through part of December, and jumped back in with both feet after New Year. I'm revising Atherean Defenders simultaneously with Before Red Morning, and once again, the goal is to have both stories done by the end of January.
I've gotten a lot of feedback about the characters and one has broken out as everyone's favorite, so a lot of the rewrite focuses on her.

"Courage" By Mahir Ozkan. An excellent personification of Lihua Fan.

I've also begun shopping for an external editor because I'm smart enough to know I shouldn't be editing work I'm so invested in. My goal is to sell this book, which will clock in at around one hundred thousand words (making it it full-fledged novel) at Amazon for about ten bucks.

I have to admit, this part scares the hell out of me, because I know people who're better writers with larger followings who went to Kickstarter and didn't make it. Then again, I ABSOLUTELY HATE BEING AFRAID, and so many people have recommended I turn to Kickstarter, so that's where I'm headed. Following everything I've read about using the site, I plan to launch the campaign after the books are finished and ready to be passed off to an editor. I'm going to run the campaign for either thirty or sixty days, depending on how things go.
I haven't worked out all of the rewards, but donors who contribute beyond a certain amount will receive print copies of both BEFORE RED MORNING and ATHEREAN DEFENDERS for free.

There isn't a ton of content there, and I haven't enabled public editing yet, but there's certainly enough there to whet appetites concerning characters, backstories, worlds, and events. I'm adding to it as often as I can, so go ahead and feel free to check it out!

So that's it for now! Thanks for following along and your support thus far!

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