Thursday, January 10, 2013

Avery K Tingle

Trust Me (Short Story)

"Creepy Woods" From Ghouls and Ghosts

The ominous path stood before me, a road to at best, nowhere and at worst, oblivion. I had journeyed this far with no rhyme or reason; turning back was not an option.

Yet, despite the knowledge and strength I'd acquired along the way, standing here now, before the looming entrance to the unknown, I had never felt so powerless. As though everything I'd learned up to this point was not only useless, but wrong.

And then there was her.
Tall, curvy, dark-haired, as though plucked from my imagination just to lead me to ruin, there she stood. Where I was wary, she was bristling with excitement at the prospect of facing the path of the dead.
With a smile, she turned, and said simply;

"Trust me."

Very much against my nature. I did not know her. She had simply materialized.

She said it again.

"Trust me."

The ever-present sense of adventure bubbled up within me, and the hunger for the next big thing overtook common sense. What was life without adventure, and what was adventure without risk?

"Okay." I said.

And off we went.

This was inspired by Erik Ekholm's "Trust Me" which appears on his free album "The Power of Music". Download it by clicking here.

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