Monday, January 28, 2013

Avery K Tingle

My Ultimate Writing Playlist

Photo courtesy of Erik Ekholm. Album available for free to download.

Every writer has their quirks. There's either some ritual that must be followed or something one must have nearby in order to get things going.

For me, it's music. I fire up iTunes before I open anything else. I have to hear maybe the first minute of a song before the muse starts talking to me. 

The music I use to write too has pretty much taken over my life. I don't have much of a taste for modern music (although I would like to toss the person who created autotune out of a window), so this is pretty much what I listen too eighty percent of the time.

I enjoy the funny looks I get when people ask me about this stuff, and I run off a whole bunch of names no one's ever heard of. So I thought I'd share here.

Most of this is a choir-based, rock/orchestral hybrid. You hear it primarily in film and game scores, and especially in trailers. I'm waiting for Shazam to catch up so I can start snagging these tracks when I hear them, but luckily, you can just google "music playing in such-and-such trailer" and you'll come up with something.

So this is my absolute favorite list of writing music. Enjoy.

World Without End (Brand X Music)

Never Surrender (Brand X Musix)

Never Surrender Speed Mix [Personal Remix that I created] (Brand X Music)

Archangel (Two Steps From Hell)

Army of Drums (White Wall)

Warlord (White Wall)

Sinister Intent (Position Music) <---awesome p="" track="">

Without Restraint (Chris Haigh)

Forces Unite (Chris Haigh)

Battle Triumph's Echo (Heavy Melody Music & Sound Design)

Epic Cinema Montage (Erik Ekholm)

Magnum Opus (Brickwall Audio)

World Collapsing V2 (Riptide Music)

Extra Dimensional (Danny Cocke)

Icarus (Ivan Torrent Featuring Julie Elven)

Mining Titan (Russell Bell/Richard Chance)

The Magnificent Militia (ICON Trailer Music)

Awakening (Petteri Sainio)

Surpass (Mark Petrie)

Aurora (Mark Petrie)

Artemis (Mark Petrie)

Dark Energy (Brickwall Audio)

So that's my list. Sorry I couldn't post links to all of the songs; some of them I found on soundcloud. If anyone's interested I can create videos for the ones I missed at a later date.

I'm curious; what do you do to set the mood for your writing? What keeps you going throughout the process?

Thanks for reading.

Avery K Tingle

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