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UW: Zeneca, Jayden

Full Name: Jayden Zeneca
Known Aliases: Lightning (Known only to a select few)
Age: Nineteen
Race: Angel
Origin: Jordan (Western continent of Heaven)
Known Relatives: John (Father), Astrid (Mother), Darryl (Brother), Jayce (Identical Twin Brother), Bethany (Sister) Brother lost in childbirth
Occupation: Student, Adventurer (secret)
Height: 5"9  Weight: 173lbs. Eyes: Green, white-opaque when Lightning Hair: Brown
History: Jayden Zeneca was the second of five children born to John and Astrid Zeneca. Although it is known that the Zeneca's lost their status as saints long before the Great Divide, details on the event have not been provided.

Jayden was raised in an incredibly strict household. A zealous believer in the Grand Exemplar, John was quick to administer punishment to any of his children who were not completely obedient to him. Soft-spoken and humble by nature, Jayden initially tried to please his father, but often failed to rise to John's impossible standards. His brother, Darryl, often came to his defense, leading to violent confrontations. Jayden coped by throwing himself into reading and education.

He became fiercely protective of his little sister, Bethany, who disappointed her father simply by being born a girl. As the seasons passed, Jayden and Bethany grew close, although Bethany's outgoing, gregarious nature contrasted Jayden's quietness.

Shortly after his sixteenth birthday, Jayden befriended a charismatic boy named Ethan St. Yorick, who had grown up in a similar household to his own. Jayden fell in with Ethan and his group of friends, who were notorious for their pranks around town. Jayden discovered his wild side as he began to partake in these pranks, but as they escalted, Jayden became concerned with Ethan's increasingly dark nature. When one of their "pranks" tragically misfired, Jayden ended their friendship.

Not long after, Ethan's parents were murdered.

Jayden, suspicious of Ethan, reported all he'd done, and all he knew about Ethan, to Reginald St. Morias, who had become a surrogate father to him. Reginald passed on Jayden's findings to the Heimdall, leading to the exile of Ethan and his friends.

Jayden and Ethan's passed crossed again several seasons later. Grace, an elderly ex-Olympian, had been hiding out in the Atherean Bridge with several pegasuses that she had absconded with. With the winged horses being hunted to extinction, she asked for Jayden's help in escorting her, and the Pegasus, back to Mount Olympus. Jayden's brothers and sister volunteered to assist.

The Zeneca family was ambushed by Ethan and his exiled friends, who were now known as the Blackwings. A vicious aerial battle ensued in which Jayden lost half of his right arm, Bethany was nearly raped and Grace was killed. Zeus was able to intervene and all of the Pegases were retrieved.

Impressed with the valor of Jayden and Bethany, Zeus replaced Jayden's lost arm (see Fulgarium) and offered them the chance to battle against the rising forces of the Southern Lands. They both accepted and became the costumed duo Thunder (Bethany) and Lightning (Jayden).

Over the next four seasons, the two repelled dozens of clandestine incursions into Heaven, even defeating Ethan and putting down the Blackwings. They gained worldwide fame when they participated in the Battle of Naridia, which was the bloodiest siege in history at that point. Both Bethany and Jayden were injured, and though there were deaths on both sides of the conflict, the city was retaken.

Jayden was allowed to retire his identity after that, and he has since returned home and focused on advancing his education. He spends most of his time between the libraries of Asgard and Mount Olympus.


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