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UW: Timeline

0000: The recognized beginning of time. Over a ten day period, Amen creates the known universe, including the four dimensions.

0070: Twin sister and brother Yin and Yang are granted near-infinite power and guardianship over the Universe. Amen enters a million-year slumber, after which time he would awake and pass judgment on the Universe. 

0110: Yin and Yang begin an experiment of free will on the third planet from the sun in the Solar System.  Male and Female mortals are created and sent to live in a garden paradise, safe from the Thunder Lizards and their King, the tyrannical Ra'kash. During this time, several cro-magnum begin to evolve into forms similar to those of the Male and Female.

0115: The Female disappears. To maintain the balance, Yang creates a suitable mate for the male, Adam. This woman is named Eve.

0130: Adam and Eve defeat Ra'kash, bringing an end to the reign of the thunder lizards. Yin and Yang respond to mortal prayers and send a meteor shower that drive the remaining thunder lizards to extinction. This marks the beginning of the Age of Man.

0400: Yang sacrifices himself as a mortal to bring about peace between Eastern and Western Pangaea. This brings about an end to conflict that has raged for two centuries and unites the human race. 
Yang returns to Heaven to find his vengeful sister ready to declare war on the Third Planet, a host of Angels behind her. Yang refuses to let her advance on the grounds that humans must not be conquered, and free to choose their own fate. Yin relents, but dissension over how the universe is to be ruled brews in Heaven.

0415: Yin and Yang agree to meet in the frozen north to engage in one-on-one combat. The winner will determine the course of the universe. Before the fight can commence, a splinter faction attempts to assassinate Yang. Although she vehemently denies any knowledge of the plot, Yin is arrested for treason and attempted murder.

0416: Yin is found guilty of all charges by a tribunal that includes Heaven's highest powers, including Yang, Odin, and Zeus. Yin is sentenced to eternal exile in the volcanic, uncharted southern lands for her crimes. In a show of support, more than one hundred thousand Angels leave Heaven and join Yin in exile.

0416-0421: The Great Divide. Yang commissions a subversive unit dubbed the Heimdall to ferret out those suspected of aiding Yin. This controversial unit exiles almost fifty thousand Angels and ultimately results in the partial destruction of Asgard. Heimdall himself is driven mad by All-Knowledge and confined by Odin. The Heimdall is quietly dispersed at the end of this period.

0523: On the Third Planet, Eden is burned to the ground by Promethean Fire. Adam and Eve are among the homo sapiens that perish in the fire. The murder remains unsolved.

0524:The Battle of Naridia. Angels and merpeople join forces to wage war against Vepar, a member of the Fallen Angels who first seduced and then overthrew Poseidon, the king of merpeople and ruler of Naridia. The battle is bloody, with scores of Angels and Merpeople wounded or killed. The battle is won, the murpeople are routed, and Vepar is killed.

0525: Red Morning. Atherean Defenders. This siege is the official first conflict between Heaven and the Southern Lands.

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