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Avery K Tingle

UW: Saint Morias, Reginald

Full Name: Reginald St. Morias

Known Aliases: None
Age: Thirty-eight
Race: Angel
Origin: Jordan, western continent of Heaven
Known Relatives: Dayna (wife), Uriel (son), Lillian (sister, deceased) Cala (sister, exiled) Parents reincarnated
Occupation: Lumberjack, Head of the Jordan Lumbermill, former leader of the Heimdall Elite
Height: 6"2 Weight: 187lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Light brown/greying
History: Due to Reginald's induction into the Heimdall Elite, much of history has been classified. It is known that he was born into a close-knit family of lumberjacks and raised in a stable, loving household. He was a troublemaker in his youth and completed schooling four seasons later than he should've. Shortly thereafter, he married Dayna of the Winterhill Saints, and it is widely believed that her presence had a humbling effect on him. Shortly before the Great Divide, his parents chose to fly through the Lux Magna, and Reginald inherited the family business.

Reginald gained worldwide attention by violently interfering with the Heimdall's exile of his only living sister, Lillian. At the edge of the Southern Lands, Reginald battled two Heimdall officers and an escort from the Southern Lands in an effort to free his sister. Although he didn't intend it, one of the officers was killed in the skirmish.

Regnald had planned to abscond with his family to the Eastern continent after rescuing his sister, but Yang made him an offer; if Reginald aided in taking down the last and most dangerous of the subversives,  both he and his sister would be granted amnesty. Reginald reluctantly accepted the proposition and became leader of the clandestine Heimdall Elite

With the Elite, Reginald successfully diffused seventeen plots against the monarchy, but became cynical and disillusioned as time went on. Eventually, he was forced to exile Lillian, but the details surrounding the exile have been classified.

Reginald led the Elite on its final mission, to take down Heimdall himself. The Asgardian had been driven mad by All-Knowledge and predicted that Reginald would be killed if the Elite attempted to arrest him. Reginald refused to back down, and a cataclysmic battle ensued. The powers released during that conflict were strong enough to destroy Heimdall's watchtower. The explosion could be seen across the Kingdom of Heaven.

Reginald very nearly died in that battle, but the Elite was able to subdue and arrest him. Yang kept his word; Reginald was indemnified against exile for interfering with his sister's first exile attempt, and was allowed to retire. He has since returned to Jordan and resumed his duties as a lumberjack.

Avery K Tingle

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