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Avery K Tingle

UW: Heaven

Heaven is the sole planet located in the first dimension. The world is home to approximately 1.2 billion Angels and approximately three hundred thousand transcended mortals.

The planet was among the last of Amen's creations at the beginning of time, and the Angelic Host took residence there in the last half of 0071. It became recognized as the "afterlife" in 0116, when the thunder lizards began killing homo sapiens.

Heaven was originally measured at just over fourteen thousand miles at its equator, making it double the size of the Third Planet in the solar system. However, after the fall of so many Angels during the Great Divide, the planet's composition has become skewed, as though the southeastern part of the planet is literally trying to tear itself free.

More than two thirds of the planet is covered by a single body of water known as the Atherean. It is this body of water that separates the two primary continents. The World Capital, Yevon, is also the largest city on the planet. The other two major capitals are Yethra and Yevah. Of these three, only Yethra resides on the Eastern continent.

Heaven boasts a gentle atmospheric composition that is seventeen percent oxygen and eighty-seven percent aethir. The stratosphere is known as the Lux Magna, which resembles a magnificent rainbow when approached. However, traveling through the Lux Magna signifies a desire to leave Heaven, resulting in reincarnation.

Homo Angelis, or Native Angels, are the dominant life form on the planet, although Ascended Angels and Transcended Mortals are beginning to grow in numbers. Other famous species that roam the lands are the unicorn, tengu, and fairy clans. Before Naridia was overthrown, the merpeople also boasted significant numbers, but they have since been driven to the brink of extinction.

Most of Heaven's land is lush forestry and pasture, while the major metropolises sport tall, ivory skyscrapers.

Because the high concentration of Aethir continuously replenishes Heaven's natural resources, the world exists on a forgiving barter system and has no need for currency.

Avery K Tingle

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