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Avery K Tingle

UW: Fan, Lihua

Full Name: Lihua Fan
Known Aliases: Daughter Number Two
Age: Twenty (at time of transcendence)
Race: Transcended Wingless Angel
Origin: Fu-Zhin Province, Third Planet/Solar System, transcended to Isobella Flats
Known Relatives: Daughter (not named, status unknown, last seen in the Fu-Zhin Province
Occupation: Former adventurer, combatant, currently a daycare provider
Height: 5"4 Weight: 122lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Black
History: Most of Lihua's memories from her mortal life have faded. She struggles to hold onto the memory of her daughter, but has lost virtually everything else. What little she remembers, she describes as harsh and brutal.

Upon transcending to Heaven, Lihua was intercepted by the former escort Angelica St. Mihr at the Alpha Radiant in Isobella Flats. The town was under siege by creatures made of sulphuric fire, and Lihua, bewildered and confused from the transcendence, was sequestered by Angelica until the attack passed. Lihua was one of the only survivors of the conflagration, and the final transcendent of the Alpha Radiant.

An unassimilated Lihua journeyed with Angelica as the across Heaven to locate her missing lover. Over the course of this journey, Lihua, with Angelica's help, foiled a plot to reanimate the dead in the Southern Lands' first gambit to conquer Heaven. Lihua battled against physically stronger foes and emerged victorious, gaining a reputation as a warrior. Her skills were so sharp that she was able to transcend the racial barrier against transcended angels. 

Unraveling the plot to resurrect the dead eventually brought Lihua and Angelica to the fallen city of Avernus, where she met Lillith Yin for the first time. Lillith was in the process of reanimating the other dead citizens of Avernus, having already revived Athena. 

This was the first time Lihua ever engaged a being of cosmic power and the fight took everything she had.  Lihua was only saved by Athena's will, which allowed her to break free of Lillith's control and instruct Lihua and Angelica how to kill her. They did so, and Athena was permanently laid to rest.

Wounded and exhausted, Lihua tried to engage Lillith. Lillith was at full strength and angry at her plans being brought to ruin. Lihua was nearly beaten to death. Only Angelica's timely intervention saved her from destruction. Angelica used a psychic pulse to stun Lillith, but the pulse accidentally triggered a landslide within the cavern where Avernus had come to rest. Lihua and Angelica barely escaped, having witnessed Lillith become buried by three tons of limestone.

Angelica nursed Lihua back to health, but for some reason, the two had a falling out after that. Lihua moved to the nearby town of Jordan, where she was given the home of an elderly couple who were about to fly through the Lux Magna. In an effort to stay connected to her daughter, Lihua now earns a living providing day care for the families of Jordan.

Avery K Tingle

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