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Avery K Tingle

UW: The Battle of Naridia

Notable Participants: Poseidon, Jayden and Bethany Zeneca, Serena, Sacrifice, Vepar

The Battle of Naridia was a skirmish that took place at the underwater city of Naridia, several miles off the coast of Jordan. It was the first multi-racial battle fought in Heaven's history, pitting Angels, Naridians (merpeople) and Olympians against the murpeople of the Southern Lands. Because this battle was fought in secret, it is not considered part of the war between Heaven and the Southern Lands.

In an attempt to please Yin and Leviathan, the fallen angel Vepar took it upon herself to seduce Poseidon, the arrogant king of Naridia. Upon their marriage he bequeathed half of his power, and against the advice of his people, he allowed her people, the mur, to inhabit Naridia.

The gluttonous, carnivorous mur first drove away all nearby aquatic life, affecting the coastal economy. The mur then demanded the Naridians hunt for them, and violence was often the punishment for those who refused or failed. When Vepar began ordering the executions of non-compliant Naridians, Poseidon, unable to overpower his wife, reached out to Yang for help.

Yang agreed to help Poseidon on the condition that Angels were granted free access to the Atherean, and were allowed to interact with Naridians. He reluctantly agreed. Poseidon's estranged cousins, Zeus and Odin, also volunteered their assistance. Jayden and Bethany Zeneca were allowed to participate in their secret identities; Jayden shared a mutual attraction with the Naridian Serena, although neither acted on it due to the negative repercussions such a relationship would bring..

Three hundred Angels, Olympians, and Asgardians were led by Thunder and Lightning into Naridia. The battle was incredibly bloody. Roughly half of the city was destroyed in the battle and more than eighty of Heaven's forces were killed. In the end, Heaven was victorious. The Murpeople were routed and Bethany was forced to kill Vepar.

Zeus lent Poseidon some of his people to aid in the reconstruction of Naridia. Odin, Zeus, Poseidon and Yang then drafted and signed the Friendship Accord, ending centuries-long tensions between the Naridians and the rest of Heaven.

Avery K Tingle

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