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Avery K Tingle

UW: The Promethean

"Blue Fire" By Penncahilltrogdon

Excerpt from the Great Chronicle
From the Book of Hermoor
Chapter Two Verses 1-11

1). At the end of the First Era, mankind's numbers were greatly dwindled. For the appetite of Rakash the savage, king of the thunder lizards, could not be sated.

2). And Adam and Eve, alpha humans created by the gods, could not resist the onslaught of Rakash, and were forced to flee from their monstrous adversaries.

3). So it was, that Prometheus, kin to Zeus and Odin, took pity on them, and stole fire from Asgard and fled to Earth.

4). Prometheus presented to Adam and Eve the Great Flame and declared;

5). "That which you forge in this fire shall lay waste to all enemies, be they man, beast, or god."

6). Adam and Eve forged stone in that mighty fire, and stone became like steel. And this steel that knew no equal was dubbed The Promethean.

7). And so it came to pass that following season that Rakash the Savage was fallen at the hands of Adam, and a short time later, Yin and Yang sent the cosmic storm, and the thunder lizards were no more.

8). Revered by man but cursed by the gods, Prometheus was made to answer for his theft.

9). He was bound and cast into that Place Which Had No Name. Though he was to be there but a short while, he became lost, and was nowhere to be found.

10). For Prometheus met one whom he could not overcome, and under pain of torment, he bequeathed the Great Flame, that which he had become one with, to a monster.

11). And this monster became like the Great Flame, like the Promethean, and could not be laid to waste.

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