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Avery K Tingle

From A to Z:The World of Zuriel

The City of Alexandria, Mars. Courtesy of Graham Roberts

It is the year 2485, and humanity is enjoying a cultural renaissance. Now occupying three worlds across the solar system, the peace did not come freely. Very nearly driven to the point of extinction in Earth's last great war, the human race 's population was reduced from seven billion people to just over two million at the end of the twenty-first century. Now, four centuries later, no longer plagued by the ailments of the twentieth century, humanity struggles to replenish its numbers as it grapples with the knowledge that we are not alone in the universe....and we have never forgotten that apocalyptic first contact.

THE AL’TERRI: A race of wraith-like beings hailing from the system beside of our own, the Al’terri initiated the Silent War at the end of the twenty-first century, claiming they had been advised by their god to eliminate us. A single al’terri is incomprehensibly powerful, able to generate concussive blasts of energy capable of leveling an entire city. They are weightless, and while they appear humanoid, it has been widely speculated that they are energy-based, able to assume whatever form they desire.
When they first appeared on Earth, they were encased in armor that was impervious to our weaponry. We erroneously believed this mech-like armor was their skin until we learned how to tear them from it.
The few Al’terri that have communicated have stated that their numbers are less than one hundred thousand, and they take their commands from the overseers. Others have described them as “beautiful” to look at.

ALEXANDRIA: Mars’ capitol city, established 2287. With an estimated population of one point one million people, this is the largest human settlement in the galaxy.

ARTEMIS: Capitol city on the moon, established 2189. Estimated population of seven hundred thousand people.

THE OVERSEER: Little is known about the autocratic ruler of the al’terri. He claims to have been present at the dawn of time, and is arguably the universe’s oldest living being. He is indisputably the most powerful of the Al’terri, as evidenced when he obliterated Los Angeles, and its inhabitants, in a single attack. He claims to receive his ‘wisdom’ from “the Divine’ and has, of his own admittance, presided over the extermination of several thousand races. He seems to tolerate dissenting opinions from his people but no patience for defiance, as evidenced by his willingness to annihilate his own soldiers during the Silent War. He has never been viewed outside of his armor.

THE SILENT WAR: The Silent War formally began on January 27, 2098 and concluded on December 29, 2100. Initiated by the Overseer and his Al’terri, the Silent War resulted in more than seven billion deaths before the Al’terri were finally repelled. Dubbed “The Silent War” due to the Al’terri’s methods of extermination, this is widely regarded as the darkest time in human history.

THE TERRAN ACCORD: Drafted by the Al'terri Overseer and various members of what remained of Earths governments, the signing of the Terran Accord harkened the end of the silent war. The most important tenets of the accord allowed the citizens of Earth  to keep any Al'terran technology seized during the war on the condition that humanity would never venture beyond the Solar System.

ULTRIX: Headquartered in Alexandria with facilities on both Artemis and Earth, Ultrix is the largest multi-global conglomerate in the Solar System. While its products range from everyday household items to tactical gear employed by law enforcement, its primary sources of income are its eponymously-named operating software, now in its eighth incarnation, and the revolutionary Ultrix Brace. The current Chief of Operations is young Richard Branimir.

ULTRIX BRACE: A cybernetic organism pioneered by Ultrix, the Ultrix brace had become essential to human survival. Affixed to a newbornes spine, the brace grows with the infant and remains active until death. The brace regulates the human nervous and immune systems, quickly administering antibiotics and morphine in case of injury, and immunizations when necessary. The Brace also features an early-warning detection system; when the body begins to break down, the brace automatically distributes medication to expediate illness. During the course of one's life, they are largely unaware of the brace. There has not been a reported case of the common cold lasting more than five minutes in over two hundred years. Although not mandatory to apply at one's birth, those who are not braced are often viewed with skepticism and suspicion.

Zuriel: Book One

Publisher and Release Date TBA

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