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It's not often I say this...but I need help.
This has been one of the lowest points of my life, although not as low as when someone shot at me and I had nowhere to go. Things can always get worse, and I acknowledge that.

These past two weeks, I lost my job, I lost a contract, my fiance may be diagnosed with something fairly serious and it's put a tremendous strain on our relationship. I HAVE to be in a position where I can take care of my children in six months because I'm all they have.

I'm lost. I don't know what to do. I know it's wrong but I haven't prayed in almost a week. I feel like I have no right moves and everything I do is wrong. I don't know where to turn from here.

I'm asking, in all sincerity, for anyone who reads this and believes as I do, to please pray to God that He returns my strength to me, that He sees me through this crisis. I hate feeling lost, but I don't know what else to do.

Thank you.


tammey said…
Hey Hon;
You know the Lord won't give ya nothin ya can't handle. What ya need to do is get down on your knees and put your problems, worries at his feet. Let him, take all of your worries, and problems away for you. When you give your problems over to him, you will feel a big difference. You will come out stronger, and a better person. Remember, the Lord knows your problems, worries. You just have to hand them over. He hasn't left you, he is there all the time. When we think we can handle everything on our own, thats when we have the most problems. But once we actually turn to the Lord, and say I need help, I'm turning everything over to you, I'm in your hands. You will start seein the light at the end of the tunnel. Not the white light that ppl say they see when they die either. But your always in my thoughts and prayers. And I'm always here for you and Sam, anytime you might need anything. Day or nite. Always remember that.
pennie said…
as you know god is with you no matter where you are or what you need. i will pray for you as do everyday. he will guide you and when you don't feel him that's when he's carrying you. remember the morning in the fog?? if you need anything else, all you have to do is ask. i'm only a phone call or message away. he knows what you need and he has a path for you to follow, even though it seems rocky and you don't understand, keep your head up, listen with your heart and believe that he will guide no matter the outcome. always, P
Bobby Revell said…
Hello Avery,

This article and the one before it were quite riveting. I understand where you're coming from and with two children, it makes any problem much worse.

I cannot tell you what to do, but you must believe - powerfully believe things will change for the better and stay prepared for the worst. My life has fallen apart many times and the last left me homeless with no hope. But I got 3 jobs doing crap and got myself out of the hole. I had one set of clothes I wore everyday, but I kept them clean. I barely survived and almost gave up and ended up in prison or dead - two options I refuse to accept for myself.

I believe you will overcome these problems and no matter how bad it is, you must believe in your own success. I am including you in my prayers and am here should you ever need to talk.

God bless you my friend:)
Jackie said…
Oh my you really are be challenged here aren't you?

Wow that's a lot to deal with at once for anyone. I honestly don't think that I would be feeling any different than you are under these circumstances.

I'm a little wacky and different from most so I might surprise you with some of my replies.

First it is true that God never puts more on you than what you can handle.

But, it's also true that everybody handles things differently.

So this may be the way your mind is handling this situation right now.

You have been knocked down with several very serious life altering punches to the gut. So perhaps...just perhaps, a little of you has shut down for a while to allow your brain to process all of this.

To try to take it all in at once may be too much for your brain to handle right now. So you have shut down a little bit. You have fallen into a depression.

Depression slows down your thought process, as you well know it will slow down your entire body and life.

Maybe it's the only way you can process all of this is working it out through your depression.

I have dealt with clinical depression and chronic anxiety for most of my life. And I know this is exactly what happens to me when life piles in on me.

As far as not praying I know that you are feeling that lost connection. But, if you are concerned about not praying then in reality you are still having a conversation with God.

One doesn't need to have a formal prayer session for god to hear us. So he is hearing and listening to your thoughts.

I think you have been praying all along for this entire week by crying out from your heart. I hope you can grasp that fact.

When we cry out to God from our heart in silence and some times yes even in your case unaware I believe it is the most powerful prayer that God hears.

Please give yourself a little break here. You have made it to this point. Now you only need to make it to the next moment of time which is another point.

And point by point you will eventually absorb all of this, be able to deal with it, and then the light will begin slowly shine through that tiny key hole.

I have said a prayer for you already. In my belief you only need pray once for a need. For if God hears all, and he does, and, he answers all of our prayers, and I believe he does, then we don't need to doubt his ability or his ways with constant prayer for the same thing.

But as a man of God you also know that God works in His way and His time.

He's working right now because people are reaching out to you. We hear you and we too are praying or have prayed.

I will also pray for your fiance and the children. And hey if your down....your down. Everyone gets down at some point and time in their life. And feel as if they can't go on. So give yourself a little break okay?

I will keep you in my thoughts and I have you bookmarked.

I know you will come through this and I am genuinely sorry that so much has been lain upon you at once.

But sometimes life is just rotten for all of us. And right now you have a huge amount of worries and concerns to work out.

But work them out you will. I have faith that you will.

I hope you will visit me when you have come through all this and let me know how things did turn out.

I know this sounds cliche but I'm going to say it anyway. Because it's the only thing that works for me when I am dealing with extraordinary situations....please remember this and repeat it over and over to your self.

"This too shall pass." And it will pass. You and the children will survive and get through this.

Just remember that even strangers such as I are being sent your way.

God bless my friend and hang in there. This too shall pass!!mbon

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