Monday, October 13, 2008

Avery K Tingle

So You Wanna Know How My Week Went?

Sometimes, there's nothing you can do about it. Sometimes, it's just better to keep your ass in bed.
Last week started with my losing balance during a workout and giving my basement neighbors the impression that the ceiling was about to cave in. This was the highlight.
I turn on my computer and it only reads at 56%. Odd, considering that I turned it off that previous night at a full charge, but par for the course for my karma, so I don't think much of it. As I get into the day's emails, I notice that the battery power is draining faster than gas from a muscle car. I don't know why; it's plugged into the wall.

At 33%, it shuts down. Just like that. Kaput. Game over.
I check all the connections and everything seems in order. Wait a sec…that's it. The AC jack inside my computer has come loose. No problem, I have friends who know how to fix it. I'll take a day off and be back up tomorrow.

Yeah, right.
Although the work week is relatively uneventful, I get no good news on my computer. Billy is the first person to look at it and DING DING DING for me, the power cord and the AC jack work just fine. Guess what, Avery? It's your motherboard! Congratulations!
Only then it dawns on me how hard I work my laptop; it sits on a metal desk at work while struggling to maintain a weak internet connection, manage 25+ gigs of music connected to an external hard drive, because the main drive only has ten of eighty gigs free. It hits me like a slowly-poured bucket of muddy water; I'm screwed!

A flurry of negativity is flushed through my being; my whole world is on that laptop! The latest design document is on that hard drive! I can't tie my shoes without Outlook! What the fuck do I do now?
Then it really hits me, and I feel like a cosmic clown. I have almost two hundred gigs of external storage. I carry ten gigs of storage on me at all times. And never, not once, did I ever think to back my stuff up. Hee-Haw.

God opens a window and Billy is able to extract the data from my SATA hard drive onto one of the two flash drives on my keychain. Data is saved, I have a (poor) desktop at home…right now, it's gonna have to do the job.

The desktop computer is so slow that….oops, hang on a second. Missing some music.


Now, like I was saying, the desktop computer is so slow that it takes almost an hour to install office and that's before my incompetent ass fumbles around trying to configure my email accounts. It's way past my bedtime by the time I get everything (including the rarely used tweetdeck) so I skip breakfast and hit the sack. Bad idea.
When I woke up, my head had been held underwater, strapped to an anvil, and turned into a stove. My throat felt like a shredding wheel. Oh hell no.
Luckily, I was prepared for this. I always keep medicine and cough drops on hand because I despise being sick.

I have a stellar thinking process when facing a crisis, probably because I don't think about the consequences. There are always consequences. I'll deal with them later. So here it is; I pay my rent, lights, and nothing else. I don't even buy food. The top priority, other than recovering from this damn cold, is to get things back up and running. Modern Magic is on a somewhat high note right now, I'll be damned if a little cold slows me down now. I still have to go to work because I'm the only full-time officer on site. I don't show, there's no one to fall back on. I push myself to do it by telling myself I need the money. In truth, I might not; I'm working two contracts and just got invited to apply for a third, but I can't fulfill any of them unless I have my laptop because the desktop doesn't let me work remotely, so…yeah. I need the money.

So there it is. I spend the next few days eating nothing but pizza soup and drink nothing but oceans of water, diet soda, and knock-off Theraflu. I've eaten so much pizza soup that I can tell you; from a dietary and diabetic standpoint, the soup is not bad for you at all. The most carbs (and sugar) are in the soup; the cheese contains very little and the pepperoni has none. Never knew that.

Funny thing is I'm not sick of the soup yet.

This also marks a huge milestone in my life; this is the first time ever I lost something very valuable and was able to replace it within a week. Not bad from staying in a shelter three years ago, right?
On my budget, I had two choices; new Acer or refurbished Dell. Both boasted specs that were above my previous computer.

Now, here's the thing.
I had advice thrown at me from all sides, and everyone had something different to say. You know what I took from all this advice was? No one makes the perfect computer.

My two prior laptops were manufactured by HP, and neither of them lasted two years. The Presario lasted me about fifteen months, and chances are I'd pick up another one. I wouldn't buy an HP laptop at gunpoint. Seriously; I'd rather take the bullet. The one I owned I paid nearly one thousand dollars for and it didn't go a month without needing repairs. A car accident finally put it out of its misery.

I ran with the Dell. I've always wanted one and I heard the least amount of negativity about it. I disregarded my initial bad experience with Dell and bought a refurbished 1525.
Today, I sweated out the last of my cold and was awoke to the sound of Armageddon banging on my door. That's what it sounded like, anyway…
I opened the door and greeted my well-meaning (but clearly deaf) neighbor, who was kind enough to nearly kick in my door to let the delivery man hand over the Dell that wasn't due until next week.

Almost twelve hours later, here I am. I've kicked the cold (lasted three days, a record), loaded all of my software and finally, synced up my Zune. This is the last day of the week; I spend tomorrow with Sam, and by the time you read this, I'll be watching the Ravens (hopefully) pummel the Colts.

I really wanted to see Joe Biden in person, I just didn't have the strength. There's always the next election, I guess.

This week was nothing. Next week, I actually have to catch up. The task will be that much easier now that I'm backing my stuff up daily.


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