Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Avery K Tingle

So Google Has A Browser...

Okay, straight up, if you've followed this blog at all, you know I'm not the most technically astute person in the world. I'm not going to discuss the Chrome's technical features because I don't feel qualified too.

What I am going to tell you, from the perspective of someone who watches as much G4 as possible except when the NFL is on Sundays, is if you really need this browser on your computer.

I don't want much out of my technology; it just has to work. I don't want to download or purchase and then update or subscribe or whatever. I want it to work, a it should, right out of the box.

Google Chrome does this. It works, from the moment you download and install it, and it'll even hold your hand during the installation process. Better add a shortcut to the desktop and launch bar if you don't know how to hunt for your programs, especially if you're running Vista Pro. Chrome doesn't go into your Program Files; instead, you'll find it under your computer's profile, in the AppData. I spent about an hour looking for it so I could add the icon to my sidebar. Frustrating.

Considering how cluttered my Firefox is, Chrome is a breath of fresh air. Something that took me by surprise was how it immediately opens up your most visited pages and gives you the option of navigating to them. To the right side you'll see some of your bookmarks. Very convenient, very i-googlish.

Chrome will automatically import all of your bookmarks from Firefox or Flock or whatever you use, but kiss your add-ons goodbye. Hey, it's still in beta. Give it a break.
I know it's supposed to import all of your passwords, I know because I checked, but I still had to open up my old browser to dig up some passwords I hadn't used in months. Probably a bug that only affects one or two percent of the users. Frustrating, again, but not at all a dealkiller.

Nice little animation when you want to open up a new tab, and Chrome handles multiple tabs without bogging down your processor.
I think Chrome's best strength is that the navigation bar is so efficient it's frightening. There is no "stop" button. Never really saw the point of the stop button anyways, and I always end up removing it in FF. No, here, you get Back, Forward, and Favorite, all conveniently to the left of the address bar. To the right, you get to play with it a little, plus Chrome manages to condense most standard features into two buttons. The best thing to happen to any browser is Chrome's ability to allow you to open a page "incognito". A potential nightmare for employers, any page you open here will pop-up and not be saved in your history. So for those of you who just have to get your little XXX fix on while you're on the clock, this one's for you. Just don't do any downloading. Chrome will still log that.

I have to admit, I'm not totally blown away by Google Chrome, but if you're not too familiar with Firefox or Flock yet, then go ahead and download Chrome.
Even if you are, this for sure is something to keep your eye on. The scariest thing about Chrome right now is that it's still in beta. Experts predict it'll take two years to catch up with Firefox, I'd be surprised if it took that long.

It's only real fault is that it is brand-new, and unrefined. Even if you don't download it, keep your eye on it. You spend any amount of time browsing, chances are you'll want this soon enough.

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