Friday, September 19, 2008

Avery K Tingle

The New Generation

So just today, a close friend of mine (who hasn't given me permission to use her name) had someone she cares about go missing.
The person who went missing was last seen walking home from a bar late last night in a nearby small town. She had just taken a beating from her daughter and daughter's boyfriend. Her arm was probably broken, if the story had been told right.

My friend was worried sick and lost; she'd never encountered anything like this, at least, not this close to home. A small-town girl curious about life in a larger city (although this area is hardly a big city), she had found herself in an abusive relationship and managed to get herself out of it.

She feels a need to help those around her, those who didn't grow up in a loving, two-parent household. She wants to help those who are not quite ruined yet. She just doesn't know how to do it.

Listening to her tonight made me think back to Tim and Ashley...and it made me think.
There is this entire generation of people coming up who realize that the system doesn't work. Angry and sick of being lied to and pacified, they have decided to take matters into their own hands. I have to admit that while violence may not necessarily be the best course...great change only came after great conflict.

Your friend is missing, the police tell you there's nothing they can do, I say you have done what you can within the system. Now is the time to work outside of it.

I have found that my student's mentality is turning towards a teacher's mentality, and I guess this means even I have to grow up sometime, right? I have been a hellraiser my whole life, and I lived to tell about it. I know how to work outside the system, get results, keep your honor, and more importantly, keep your freedom.

I also know how to damage the human body to the maximum degree if I need to. I have passed on some of what I know to other people.

I think it's the responsibility of those who come into knowledge to pass it on. Although I'm not about to raise an anarchist army (notice how close that word comes to antichrist?), I believe a few people can make a difference.

So when people come to me looking for guidance, be it in handling a situation or learning to defend themselves, I will do what I can.

Besides, at my age, it's not my fight anymore. It's theirs.

As for my new protege, the first thing I told her was that the first thing she needed to do was check her emotions at the door; at best, they'd keep her from thinking straight, and at worst, they'd get her killed. When I asked her what her first instinct was, and I meant the first thing that entered her head, she told me that she imagined her friend was off drunk somewhere, and this would pass. I told her the first instinct was usually right.

In this case, I was right, and the story had a happy ending. Although her friend would require hospitalization and surgery to repair her arm, I had to remind this girl that she wasn't physically able to take revenge, and even if she did, she'd just be perpetuating the cycle (man, did I feel like a hypocrite saying that). Justice, as always, would run it's course.

Avery K Tingle

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